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Unleashed Informatics Launches Dynamic DogRun BLAST Server

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Unleashed Informatics Limited has announced that it has achieved another product development milestone with the launch of DogRun, a BLAST and generalized production application environment designed to perform computationally intensive operations using the data contained on its flagship data warehouse product - DogBox.

"DogRun represents a watershed product for the company," says Unleashed Informatics CEO Eric Andrade.

"Academic research institutions and life science companies alike invest far more than necessary in maintaining expensive computer clusters to run common tools like BLAST."

Andrade adds, "We continually hear people ask legitimate questions such as, 'Why can’t our system just update itself like a modern desktop application?' and 'Why does this free stuff end up costing so much to maintain?' Now we have a solid solution."

DogRun with DogBox is an inexpensive BLAST server solution integrated with a database service with all the development work already completed by Unleashed Informatics.

With 11 years of experience working with the NCBI source code used in BLAST, Unleashed Informatics experts have delivered a solution complete with NCBI’s blastall (blastn, blastp, blastx, tblastx, and tblastn), blastpgp (psiblast, phiblast), and megablast.

Unleashed claims that, each of these tools can be used to search against the huge repository of public data contained on DogBox. DogRun’s scalable environment also allows for the integration of other analysis tools and software to customize DogRun’s utility.

"DogBox was the first bioinformatics database server product to ship with precomputed, daily-updated all-against-all BLAST protein sequence neighbors," says Unleashed Informatics Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Christopher Hogue. "Now DogRun adds powerful ad-hoc in-house BLAST capabilities."

"Pre-computed BLAST neighbors are essential for mapping complex pathways across model organisms, and DogBox already provided speeds surpassing entire BLAST clusters through its precomputed look-up tables," explains Dr Hogue.

"Ad-hoc BLAST capabilities were repeatedly requested by prospective DogBox customers," concludes Dr. Hogue.

"Researchers are tired of queuing up for public BLAST services. These scientists want BLAST results fast and combined with up-to-date databases - and Unleashed Informatics has delivered with DogRun."