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Validation Data Supporting Nano-JETA Technology for Nucleic Acid Amplification

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Acrongenomics, Inc. has announced a major milestone in further validating its Nano-JETA™ technology platform through an alternative method, Gel Electrophoresis, and the subsequent sequencing of the amplified genes.

Nano-JETA™ technology is designed to offer advantages compared to the performance of existing Real Time PCR by achieving nucleic acid amplification, detection and quantification in reduced time (2 minutes for detection and quantification) with the option for isothermal (one-temperature) and non-isothermal protocols.

According to the validation data, Nano-JETA™ technology for Real Time PCR application generated consistent quantitative results from the 1st up to the 13th cycle.

To further validate the specific amplification results, another method was used where all the amplified products were analysed by Gel Electrophoresis and documented by the BIO RAD Gel Doc EQ™ system.

The results of the Gel Electrophoresis proved that the known number copies of genes of interest were amplified, visualized and detected in all copies range of levels studied (10-10,000,000 number of copies).

Due to the need for quantification from the 1st cycle, a quantification model was developed where calculation of the number of copies is based on a mathematical algebraic algorithm.

In comparison to the PCR-based nucleic acid diagnostics, Nano-JETA™ Real Time PCR does not require special instrumentation.