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Vector Laboratories Acquires Click Chemistry Tools and Fluoroprobes

The Vector, Click Chemistry Tools and Fluoroprobes logos.
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Vector Laboratories has announced the acquisitions of Click Chemistry Tools,
a manufacturer of click chemistry linkers and labeling reagents, and Fluoroprobes. These acquisitions will expand Vector Laboratories’ manufacturing and bioconjugation capabilities to better serve partners across biopharma and the life sciences.

“Vector Laboratories is excited about these acquisitions because it's the first to contribute to our long-term strategic vision of accelerating the pace of protein detection innovation,” says CEO of Vector Laboratories Lisa V Sellers, PhD. “This is an investment to expand our capabilities and technology set for labeling, detecting, and conjugating products for our current customers and expands our ability to serve broader industrial segments such as biopharma and therapeutics. Another benefit of acquiring a U.S.-based manufacturing facility is increased security of supply for our customers.”

Click chemistry refers to a set of chemical reactions used to rapidly, specifically and efficiently join molecular building blocks to form new compounds. These reactions are characterized by their high efficiency, selectivity, and compatibility with a wide range of reaction conditions, making them useful in drug discovery, materials science, and bioconjugation, and more. The 2022 Nobel Prize for Chemistry was awarded to chemists furthering the development of this technique. Click chemistry approaches are now used globally to explore cells and track

biological processes.

Scottsdale, AZ-based Click Chemistry Tools was founded a decade ago to create novel cross-linking and labeling reagents using the most up-to-date research. Its products are used to advance drug discoveries, therapeutic approaches, and diagnostic techniques of many prestigious research and academic institutions nationally and worldwide. Fluoroprobes provides expertise in fluorescent probes and dyes to reliably manufacture the same compounds as larger companies, but at a fraction of the price, guaranteeing the quality and reproducibility of all its products.

“These acquisitions represent an investment by Vector Laboratories to expand our expertise into click chemistry and its many applications to better serve our partners. We’re a company that is focused on combining decades of know-how from our past with expanded capabilities to support our future in labeling, detecting, and conjugating,” said Pamela James, PhD, Vice President, Product at Vector Laboratories. “This began as a catalog of off-the-shelf products for academic researchers to use, but we’re now seeing how industrial customers in biotech, diagnostics, and pharma are able to leverage our capabilities to manufacture components for their end products. Expanding our offerings through these acquisitions will offer a new level of flexibility in what customers can accomplish with our tools.”