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ViaCell Implements Automation Technology at ViaCord Processing Laboratory

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ViaCell, Inc. has announced that it is integrating automation into its existing closed processing system at its processing laboratory for ViaCord®, a product offering that can allow expectant families the opportunity to preserve their baby’s umbilical cord blood for potential use by the child or related family member.

The automation technology is the SEPAX Cord Blood Processing System from Biosafe SA, a closed and sterile processing system that can harvest stem cells from cord blood in a large-scale processing environment.

According to company, SEPAX is the only FDA cleared cord blood processing system. Biosafe received FDA clearance in January 2007 and European CE mark approval in 2001.

“Each cord blood unit varies in volume and cell count. As a result, we believe the SEPAX automation technology, in combination with our long-standing closed processing system, will allow us to continue offering all families a high quality product with the efficiency required to meet increasing demand for ViaCord,” said Jim Corbett, President of ViaCell Reproductive Health.

“SEPAX, together with our exclusive FDA-approved collection bag, provides families advanced technology during every step of the cord blood banking process.”

Mr. Corbett added, “SEPAX is a proven technology with a proven transplant record. The SEPAX system is widely used in Europe and elsewhere with over 100,000 units processed using this technology, from which hundreds of transplants have been performed.”

“We are very pleased to have one of the largest and most respected family cord blood banks adopting the SEPAX System,” said Claude Fell, President and Chief Executive Officer of Biosafe SA.

“SEPAX has earned a reputation for safety and performance over a number of years of routine operation in leading stem cell processing facilities and hematology laboratories around the world."