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Vivascience Presents Ultrafiltration Plate with Integrated Dead-Stop

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Vivascience presented the 24-well ultrafiltration frame at BioTechnica 2005.  This reusable ultrafiltration frame is designed to be fitted with up to 24 individual Vivaspin 500 ultrafiltration devices, also supplied by Vivascience.

The vertical membrane design and built-in dead stop pocket inherent to all Vivaspin devices allow for the fast and safe high throughput concentration of 24 samples per plate. In this format 500 microliter samples can be concentrated up to 30 times in just 15 minutes.

The 24-well ultrafiltration frame and the supplied collection plates have the dimensions of standard microtiter plates and are compatible with swing-out rotors for spinning deep well plates, therefore allowing for the simultaneous processing of 96 samples (4 plates).

The keyed fittings in the ultrafiltration frame for both Vivaspins and the receiver plate ideally suit the resulting 24-well plate for automated liquid handlers and sample stacking.

Vivaspin 500 ultrafiltration devices have a wide membrane cut-off range from 3 kDa to 0.2 micrometer.

The flexible frame format allows the researcher to use devices with different molecular weight cut-offs in the individual wells for the optimized processing of different sample types in parallel.

With the 24-well ultrafiltration frame Vivascience introduces a product to the growing high through put market for proteomics applications and thus further enlarges its family of ultrafiltration products, which includes the product lines of Vivaspin, Vivacell, Vivaflow, and Vivapore.