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Waters Launches New Walk-Up Solutions That Further Simplify the Analysis of Biologic Drug Product

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Waters Corporation (WAT:NYSE) announced new bioprocess walk-up solutions designed to further simplify biologic sample prep and analysis. By eliminating the need to send bioreactor samples to a central laboratory for analysis, the new solutions make it even easier to accelerate upstream bioprocess development by up to six weeks over traditional methods.[i] Enabled by updates to Waters OneLab™ laboratory automation software and new pre-developed analytical workflows, the combination allows bioprocess engineers to capture high-quality bioprocess and drug product data with just a few clicks.

Waters combines its BioAccord™ liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) system and the Waters Andrew+™ robot connected via new protocols in OneLab software to create fully integrated and easy-to-use bioprocess walk-up solutions. It is designed to enable less experienced LC-MS users to acquire critical quality attribute (CQA) data for analysis of drug product and cell culture media. Capturing data directly at the bioproduction laboratory can help bioprocess engineers improve process understanding, leading to more robust manufacturing processes and accelerated development timelines.

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“Waters has made it easier for bioprocess engineers to access rich analytical and CQA data straight from the bioreactor,” said Jon Pratt, Senior Vice President, Waters Division. “The integrated combination of software, automation, and pre-developed LC-MS analytical workflows eliminates manual steps previously required for sample preparation, injection, data acquisition, and data transfer. The impact is to reduce human errors and enable process improvements that can ultimately translate to lower downstream costs for manufacturing and drug product prices for patients.”

Updated OneLab software is at the heart of the Waters bioprocess walk-up solutions. It incorporates new pre-developed analytical workflows that further simplify the user experience for routine product and process quality measurements of at-line samples from any bioreactor system.

For users of Sartorius Ambr® Multi-Parallel Bioreactors, Waters also provides a software interface to the BioAccord LC-MS system for seamless data transfer. The software interface supports both the Sartorius Ambr® 15 and Ambr® 250 High Throughput Bioreactor Systems.

Waters bioprocess walk-up solutions are now available worldwide through Waters.