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Waters Novel Cyclic IMS and New SYNAPT XS Lead Full Portfolio of Mass Spectrometry Innovations at ASMS

Waters Novel Cyclic IMS and New SYNAPT XS Lead Full Portfolio of Mass Spectrometry Innovations at ASMS content piece image
SYNAPT XS High Resolution Mass Spectrometer

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Waters Corporation unveiled
two new high resolution mass spectrometry systems addressing the most
challenging analytical needs of leading R&D scientists at the 67th Conference on
Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics (ASMS), June 2 – 6 in Atlanta.

The first-of-its-kind Waters™ SELECT SERIES Cyclic™ IMS seamlessly integrates
cyclic ion mobility (cIM) technology into a high performance research-grade timeof-flight mass spectrometer providing limitless experimental potential. Combining
novel IMS capability with significantly improved mass spectrometry (MS)
performance and enabling software, this platform allows leading researchers to
unlock the potential in scientific discovery.

The SYNAPTTM XS is a new highly flexible, high resolution mass spectrometer for
R&D labs focused on discovery applications which need the greatest variety of
analytical strategies to tackle inherently challenging questions. By providing highlevels of flexibility through inlets and acquisition modes, the SYNAPT XS delivers
greater freedom of analytical choice to support scientific creativity and technical
success for any application.

Waters’ full portfolio of MS innovations will be on display in Atlanta, including the
ASMS debut of the BioAccordTM LC-MS System for Biopharmaceuticals, a
purposefully designed solution that expands access to high-resolution time-of-flight
mass spectrometry, including multi attribute monitoring capabilities, to more
scientists who are analyzing critical quality attributes.

“The introduction of the Cyclic IMS and SYNAPT XS systems is an exciting
manifestation of our increased R&D investments at Waters, particularly in mass
spectrometry technologies,” said Chris O’Connell, Chairman and CEO of Waters
Corporation. “These powerful new technologies add to our portfolio of recent Mass
Spectrometry introductions such as the BioAccord System, VionTM IMS QTof and the
ACQUITYTM QDaTM Detector, and signal the accelerating pace of our exciting overall
new product development cycle at Waters.”

Ion mobility mass spectrometry is a proven technique to rapidly obtain information
for structural elucidation and significantly enhances system peak capacity. Waters is
a champion of this technology and leads the way in instrument research and
development. The SELECT SERIES Cyclic IMS takes ion mobility separations to a
new level by replacing the traditional linear ion mobility region with a novel
compact cyclic ion guide. Ions traverse around the ion guide and with every pass,
greater ion mobility resolution is achieved. The innovative cyclic device provides
scalable, high-resolution ion mobility separations and introduces the unique ability
to perform ion mobility/ion mobility and IMSn experiments, extending the benefits
of routine ion mobility.

“The improvements in ion mobility resolving power combined with the flexibility of
the instrument which allows IMSn experiments, to select sub populations for further
study, will be transformative for our work,” said Dr. Kostas Thalassinos, a leading
researcher at University College London, who has recently published results
describing the benefits of the system for protein structural studies.

The Journal Analytical Chemistry documented the effectiveness and power of the
cyclic IMS instrument in a recent article titled: A Cyclic Ion Mobility – Mass
Spectrometry System.

New Research-Grade SYNAPT XS System
The SYNAPT XS is the newest iteration in the SYNAPT family of research grade
mass spectrometers. The SYNAPT family is known and acclaimed for both its
flexibility and its unique T-Wave IMS configuration, which significantly extends the
power of high-resolution analysis. IMS capability on the SYNAPT increases the
extent and confidence with which a scientist can profile complex mixtures and
characterize complex molecules, and dramatically enhances sample definition.

The inherent power of SYNAPT is enhanced in the new SYNAPT XS with new
technology building blocks that provide increased sensitivity for challenging
compounds while further improving the levels of analytical robustness at far
superior mass resolution than previous models. In addition, complementary modes
of operation that increase analytical peak capacity providing ‘clean and clear’
fragmentation data provide a truly unique investigative toolbox for the interrogation
of complex mixtures.

“Focused on discovery and characterization applications, the new SYNAPT XS
provides enhanced levels of sensitivity and mass resolution combined with highly
reproducible CCS measurements” said Joanne Ballantyne, PhD, Principal Marketing
Manager MS Systems. “Unlike competitors’ systems with restricted inlet options,
scan function limitations, or requiring multiple mass spectrometers, only Waters
offers an all-encompassing high-performing LC-MS solution which, by design,
provides greater freedom of analytical choice to support scientific creativity.”

BioAccord LC-MS System for Biopharmaceutical Applications
The BioAccord LC-MS System for Biopharmaceuticals continues to address critical
needs of biopharmaceutical customers by expanding access to high-resolution timeof-flight mass spectrometry capabilities to more scientists.

“Rollout of the BioAccord System continues to excite our biopharmaceutical
customers as they contend with increasing complexity of their molecules and
business models,” said Mike Wilson, Director, Product Marketing Mass Spectrometry
Systems. “The BioAccord System is a holistic, purposefully designed, compliant LCMS biopharmaceutical solution with intelligence built into our newly designed,
ACQUITY™ RDa Detector. Given the inherent complexity of biologic molecules, the
BioAccord System promises to move routine monitoring out of centralized MS labs
and into the hands of more scientists by enabling more effective and reproducible
analysis of biotherapeutic protein attributes across development and within quality
control organizations."

Waters Presentations at ASMS 2019
Waters’ scientists will present more than 70 oral presentations and posters at ASMS
many of which demonstrate the capability of ion mobility mass spectrometry for
characterizing intact proteins, protein complexes, peptide mixtures, saponins,
oligonucleotides, and lubricant oils.