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Win a MINI 96 Electronic Pipette for Your Lab

Win a MINI 96 Electronic Pipette for Your Lab content piece image
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It’s competition time at INTEGRA Biosciences, and the company is giving away the world’s most affordable and portable 96 channel pipette!

The innovative MINI 96 electronic pipette is designed to help busy labs fill 96 and 384 plates faster and more precisely than traditional handheld pipettes, accelerating the efficiency of liquid handling protocols. With this instrument, users can enjoy accurate and reproducible pipetting of entire or partial plates, while minimizing the strain of repetitive tasks. Its ergonomic and lightweight design allow for easy transportation for use anywhere in the lab, and its user-friendly interface intuitively guides the user without the need for specialized training – simply switch it on and start pipetting!

To be in with a chance of winning your own MINI 96 electronic pipette, simply fill out INTEGRA’s questionnaire before the 30th September 2022. Good luck!