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Xenogen Launches Three-Dimensional Biophotonic Imaging System

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Xenogen Corporation has announced the launch of its IVIS® 3D Imaging System, the commercial three-dimensional biophotonic imaging system, on display at the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Society for Molecular Imaging (SMI) in Cologne, Germany.

Leveraging Xenogen's expertise and intellectual property in biophotonic imaging, the company's IVIS 3D Imaging System is designed to help expedite drug discovery and development.

According to Xenogen, it is designed to provide even higher quality predictive data earlier in the drug discovery and development process.

"Xenogen's new three-dimensional system enables us to see what's happening to cells inside a mouse, from multiple views and in real time," said Mark Henkelman, professor, Departments of Medical Biophysics and Medical Imaging, Canada Research Chair in Imaging, and director, Mouse Imaging Centre, Hospital for Sick Children.

"It is an extremely sensitive camera, and it's now the only way to get data on patterns of emitted light in animals, data that we didn't have before. This technology will help us understand gene expression in mice and thus, better predict gene expression in humans."

Xenogen's non-invasive imaging systems is designed to enable scientists to better visualize, track and understand biological processes in living animals, in real time.

The technology incorporates luciferase, the enzyme that makes fireflies and some bacteria glow, into living animals.

Illuminating biological processes allows real-time visual exploration and analysis of gene expression, cellular pathways, drug/target interactions and the mechanism of action of drugs.

Xenogen's IVIS 3D Imaging System is designed to provide a full three-dimensional diffuse tomographic analysis of bioluminescent light sources in living animals as well as two-dimensional multi-view fluorescent imaging capabilities.

The system captures and processes numerous views/orientations taken around the mouse to provide researchers with better spatial representations of the light sources (e.g., cancer metastases, inflammatory markers).

It is designed to enable researchers to accurately pinpoint where and when a drug candidate has an effect on or is affected by a normal or disease process.

Xenogen claims that, the detailed surface topography measurements provided by the IVIS 3D Imaging System are ideal for co-registering with other modalities such as CT and MRI.

"Leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies use our technology to accelerate pre-clinical drug development, and we believe biophotonic imaging technology is quickly becoming a research standard," said Pamela R. Contag, Ph.D., president of Xenogen Corporation.

"As leaders in biophotonic imaging technology, we believe the three-dimensional attributes of our newest and most sophisticated biophotonic imaging system significantly advance the field."