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The STEDYCON™ STED super-resolution fluorescence microscope and a monitor.
Product News

Abberior Installs State-of-the-Art STED Microscope at MBC BioLabs

Abberior has announced that they have placed a super-resolution STED microscope at MBC BioLabs.
Shown in blue, rat neural stem cells grown using Extragel matrix.
Product News

Extragel: A New Highly Effective Growth Matrix

AMSBIO is pleased to announce the launch of Extragel, a reconstituted matrix hydrogel formed by basement membrane components extracted from mouse tumor tissues which are rich in extracellular matrix proteins.
The Bio-Rad PTC Tempo 96 Thermal Cycler
Product News

Bio-Rad Launches PTC Tempo 96 and PTC Tempo Deepwell Thermal Cyclers

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. has announced the launch of its PTC Tempo 96 and PTC Tempo Deepwell Thermal Cyclers, designed to optimize PCR applications such as sequencing, cloning and genotyping.
A graph showing output power and wall plug efficiency as a function of drive current. Below the chip device can be seen with parts labeled.
Product News

Crystal IS and Asahi Kasei Announce New Record for Single-Chip Device Output

Asahi Kasei and Crystal IS have demonstrated their next-generation Klaran single chip UVC LED which emits at 160 mW in the ideal germicidal range of 260-270 nm.
DNA double helix.
Product News

Telesis Bio Releases BioXp® Select mRNA Synthesis Kit To Expand the Utility, Speed and Impact of Its Automated Synthetic Biology Workstation

Telesis Bio Inc. has announced the availability of its BioXp® Select mRNA Synthesis Kit.
The Thermo Fisher Scientific logo
Product News

Thermo Fisher Scientific Now Directly Sells to and Supports Customers Based in Spain

Scientists in Spain will now benefit from a locally-based team that will provide a single point of access to the Thermo Fisher Scientific portfolio of ion chromatography, sample preparation and discrete industrial analyzer products.