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Excellent Separations for Polar Metabolite Workflows: ACQUITY Premier BEH Amide Columns

Excellent Separations for Polar Metabolite Workflows: ACQUITY Premier BEH Amide Columns
Credit: Waters

ACQUITY Premier BEH Amide Columns retain extremely polar compounds, making this an excellent choice for metabolomics, sugar and amino acid workflows.  Polar metabolites can be successfully separated in HILIC mode using a chromatographic stationary phase specifically designed for reversed-phase solvents.  Based on BEH technology the ACQUITY Premier Amide Columns offer a chemically stable, trifunctionally bonded amide phase that is stable from pH 2 to 11 to enable the separation of polar analytes that span a wide range of polarity, structural moiety and pKa. ACQUITY Premier Amide Columns use MaxPeak High Performance Surface hardware technology which significantly reduces unwanted analyte/surface interactions that can lead to poor peak shape and losses in signal intensity. The combination of these technologies redefines the boundaries of what is possible in metabolomics studies.

Product Specifications
Chemistry Amide
Separation Mode HILIC
pH Range 2 - 11
Particle Size 1.7 µm
Carbon Load 12%
Endcapped Yes
Particle Substate Hybrid
Pore Size 130 Å
Format MaxPeak Premier Hardware / VanGuard FIT Option
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