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GeneArt Protein Expression & Purification Services: An Extension of Your Bench

Expand your capacity and expedite your protein and antibody discovery workflow. We’ve combined our R&D breakthroughs in gene synthesis, sequence optimization, and mammalian expression systems for services that can function as a flexible extension of your lab.

Our proprietary GeneOptimizer algorithm can improve protein expression by analyzing over 20 different factors related to transcription, mRNA stability, and translation when selecting codons best suited for the chosen expression system. By starting from an in silico DNA or protein sequence, you can take advantage of this technology to hone your starting construct and help boost protein yields.

Expression efficiency is further improved using the popular ExpiCHO and Expi293 advanced expression systems. These ultra–high-yield transient protein production systems bring together high-expressing cell lines, a chemically defined serum–free culture medium, and a high-efficiency transfection reagent with specialized enhancers.  The result is more protein from smaller cultures.

Outsource all or part of your gene-to-protein workflow, with our scales supporting early discovery work through pilot studies and all the way up to 100 L+ production. Move from a target list to purified and documented protein in as little as 4 weeks with GeneArt Services.

Product Specifications
Target yields From 100 ug to >1 g
Expression volumes 2.4 mL (24-well plates), 30 mL, 100 mL, 1 L, 25 L, >25 L
Production time Starting at 4 weeks - from gene sequence to purified protein
Applications Small-scale: mass
spectrometry, functional
testing, structural
studies, and further
Mid-scale: Toxicity
and safety studies
Preclinical preparation
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