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PerkinElmer Avio 500 ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer

PerkinElmer Avio 500 ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer

PerkinElmer Avio 500 ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer

PerkinElmer Avio 500 ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer


With a truly simultaneous system, high sensitivity and superior resolution, PerkinElmer’s Avio® 500 ICP-OES helps your lab accomplish more—even with the most difficult samples—while making the most of your resources.

The Avio 500 ICP-OES combines the productivity you need with the high-quality performance and faster return on investment your work demands.

•    Vertical Plasma with Quick-Change Torch – The Avio 500 system’s vertical torch mount delivers unrivaled matrix flexibility and reduced maintenance. Its design lets you quickly and easily make adjustments, even while the system is running. The removable injector is independent of the torch, simplifying maintenance and reducing the potential for breakage.

•    Flat Plate™ Plasma Technology – PerkinElmer’s proprietary technology generates a robust matrix-tolerant plasma using half the argon of other systems. The two flat plate induction fields are placed perpendicular to the sample flow, generating a plasma that is stable and symmetrical. You’ll save costs by using 50% less argon and save time by reducing the need to change cylinders or dewars.

•    Dual View of the Plasma – For both axial and radial viewing, the Avio 500’s Dual View technology delivers full wavelength coverage, with no loss of light or sensitivity. Even elements at high (>500 nm) or low (<200 nm) wavelengths can be measured with complete confidence in the same run.

•    PlasmaShear™ Argon-Free Interference Removal – This innovative technology effectively, reliably, and economically eliminates interferences by removing the cool tail plume of the plasma—without using argon. The system eliminates the need for high-extraction systems or cones, giving you a fully automated interference removal system.

•    Universal Data Acquisition – Now you have the option of collecting all the data for every sample, regardless of the elements determined in your analytical method. Later, you have the flexibility to determine the concentrations of elements that were not in the original method, or were at alternate wavelengths. What’s more, accomplishing this takes virtually no more time and uses minimal computer storage.

•    PlasmaCam™ Viewing Camera – An industry first, the integrated color camera offers continuous viewing of the plasma, simplifying method development and enabling remote diagnostic capabilities.

Now is the time to expand your range and extend your resources. Now is the time for the Avio 500 ICP-OES.

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