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ACROBiosystems is a cornerstone enterprise of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our mission is to help overcome challenges with innovative tools and solutions from discovery to the clinic. We supply life science tools designed for discovery research and scalable to the clinical phase and beyond. By consistently adapting to new regulatory challenges and guidelines, we deliver solutions, whether it comes through recombinant proteins, antibodies, assay kits, GMP-grade reagents, or custom services. We empower scientists and engineers dedicated to innovation to simplify and accelerate the development of new, better, and more affordable medicine. Our way of addressing challenges in biologics development is to offer a comprehensive array of tools and solutions designed for each development phase. Starting from discovery and development and moving beyond commercialization, we strive to deliver high-quality solutions that support each step of the development process. This means bringing together innovation and technology through product development and collaborations to help our customers achieve translatable results in the clinic and beyond.

Latest ACROBiosystems Content

Snippet of the cell culture quality control infographic.

Cell Culture Quality Control

Download this infographic to explore why quality control is key, the importance of cell line authenticity and how to reduce the risk of microbial contamination.
Gloved hands hold a 96 well plate

Current and Emerging Applications of ELISAs

Download this listicle to explore the uses of ELISAs in clinical diagnostics and epidemiology, biopharmaceutical and vaccine development, food safety analysis, environmental analysis and forensics.
Total solution for antibody drug development, Antibody development tools, Functional verification tools, Antibody optimization tools, Quality control tools, Services

Advance Antibody Drug Innovation and Development with Innovative Solutions

Antibody drugs are highly specific and effective treatments for various diseases. They bind to disease-related proteins or antigens, reducing harm to healthy cells and minimizing side effects. These drugs can modulate the immune system, enhancing its ability to fight diseases or blocking disease pathways. With their versatility and adaptability, antibody drugs offer valuable therapeutic options. We provide comprehensive, high-quality products to accelerate your antibody drug innovation and development, maximizing the potential of your projects.
TL1A Recombinant Protein. TL1A Overexpression Cell Line. IBD.

IBD Drug Development Tools: TL1A Recombinant Proteins and Overexpression Cell Lines

IBD treatment can be a potential market. Our TL1A recombinant proteins and overexpression cell lines are designed to work with you from the drug development perspective. Want to learn more? Explore our webpage and find what’s right for you!
A gloved hand pipettes liquid into a petri dish

Microbial Monitoring for Biopharma Manufacturing

Contamination is a significant issue for bioprocessing as it results in loss of time, money and effort. This article will explore the pivotal role of microbial monitoring in upholding product safety and quality standards within the biopharmaceutical industry.
resDetect™ Manufacturing Process Residue Detection Solutions

Emphasizing Bio-Pharmaceutical CMC Residue Quality Control

resDetect™ is a series of reagent kits designed to follow international legal and regulatory requirements and guidelines for the detection of residual components in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process.
Bioprocessing Residue Detection Solutions

Bioprocessing Residue Detection Solutions

This eBook highlights reagent kits for the detection of residual components across a range of biologics.
Antibody Dryg Conjugates, ADCs, Treatment

Streamline ADC Development with Key Materials

Fast-track your ADC journey with our comprehensive suite of high-quality materials for every stage of Antibody-Drug Conjugates development.
GMP Human 4-1BB Ligand Protein

GMP Human 4-1BB Ligand Protein for T, NK, and DC Cell Culture

GMP Human 4-1BB Ligand Protein (Cat. No. GMP-41LH26) is bioactive, low endotoxin, and evaluated for lot-to-lot consistency. Following a GMP production management system, GMP 4-1BB is designed to support T, NK, and other immune cell culture. Explore our GMP products!
Cell and Gene Therapy Symposium, March 20-21: Experts discuss cancer immunotherapy, gene vectors, stem cells, and precision oncology
Online Event

Cell and Gene Therapy 2024

Explore cutting-edge cell and gene therapies at our online symposium on March 20–21. Experts will discuss cancer immunotherapy, gene therapy vectors, stem cells, and precision oncology research.