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Shimadzu is a world-leading manufacturer of analytical instrumentation. In every corner of the world, their products and services are being used by customers to develop a variety of new products to protect and restore the environment and deliver better health and lifestyles to people. With pride in these achievements firmly in mind, they strive to improve their technologies further and enhance their knowledge so that they can offer even greater technologies, products and services.

Latest Shimadzu Content

Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

Rewriting the Book on Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

With the ability to analyze a range of polar and non-polar molecules, and easily transferable expertise and equipment, it's time to rethink SFC, and discover the advantages of supercritical CO2.
An Optimized Method for PFAS Analysis in Wastewater
App Note / Case Study

Optimized Methods for Sensitive and Robust PFAS Analysis of Wastewater

These application notes present optimized liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) workflows to meet and exceed the limits of quantitation required for the monitoring of PFAS in complex environmental matrices such as wastewater samples.

A row on people sitting in a conference talk taking notes.

Separation Scientists Gather To Exchange Ideas

The 34th International Symposium on Chromatography (ISC 2024) will be taking place this October in Liverpool, UK, but what will ISC 2024 offer attendees and what does the event mean for the scientific community?
Quantum infrared spectroscopy using ultra-broadband entangled photons.

Researchers Develop Wider Bandwidth Quantum Infrared Spectroscopy

Our understanding of the world relies greatly on our knowledge of its constituent materials and their interactions. Recent advances in materials science technologies have ratcheted up our ability to identify chemical substances.
Explore Practical Solutions for Lipid and Fatty Acid Analysis

Explore Practical Solutions for Lipid and Fatty Acid Analysis

This compendium highlights key examples of lipid and fatty acid analysis across a range of commercial applications and workflows.

A computer screen next to 3 HPLC machines.
Product News

Continuous Validation of HPLC Performance in a Regulated Lab Environment

TESTA Analytical reports on how its flowmeter software driver for chromatography data systems (CDS) has successfully passed extensive testing in a regulated pharmaceutical laboratory environment.
Advances in Battery Research 2024
Online Event

Advances in Battery Research 2024

Battery research has rapidly grown in both scale and importance over the past decade. Join our roster of expert speakers who will be covering the latest research into optimizing existing energy storage solutions, developing novel technologies and deploying them in the real-world to meet our present and future energy demands.
ICPMS, ICP-MS, ICP-MS system, High-performance quadrupole mass filter, Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, ICP torch

ICPMS-2040/2050: An Era Without Compromise

Shimadzu’s ICPMS-2040/2050 achieves a harmonious blend of environmental-friendliness and analytical performance through its advanced Mini-Torch System. The system also reduces measurement time and comes with automated functions, contributing to your workflow efficiency.

Fast, Efficient, Robust Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

Shimadzu's GCMS-QP2020 NX offers high accuracy, sensitivity, and speed to achieve higher productivity and excellent data quality. In addition, easy maintenance leads to greater uptime while optional software, databases and sample introduction devices address specific application requirements.
Lithium-ion batteries
How To Guide

Choose the Right Instrument for Your Battery Analysis

This guide highlights robust and comprehensive testing solutions to unlock the potential of lithium-ion batteries and accelerate battery development.