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Advanced Cell Models – Multimedia


Microscale Sensors and Systems for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Applications

Speaking at the online symposium, Innovations in Disease Modeling 2022, Dr. Mehmet R. Dokmeci, Associate Professor at the Terasaki Institute for Biomedical Innovation presented his talk on microscale sensors and systems for tissue engineering.

High Throughput and High Content Screening in Organoids and 3D Models at Crown Bioscience With Michiel Fokkelman

In this episode, Lucy Lawrence and Michiel Fokkelman will discuss the concept of high content imaging of 3D-cultured organoids in combination with high throughput screening as a service for drug discovery and pre-clinical drug development.

Human Organs-on-Chips for Disease Modeling, Drug Development and Personalized Medicine

Speaking at the online symposium, Innovations in Disease Modeling 2022, Dr. Donald E. Ingber, Founding Director of Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University, presented his talk on novel human organ-on-a-chip technologies

Isolation and Functional Validation of Quiescent Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells With Joseph Regan

Dr. Joseph Regan speaks to Lucy Lawrence and shares information from a recently published protocol for the isolation and functional validation of label-retaining quiescent colorectal cancer stem cells from patient-derived organoids for RNA-seq.

Cardioids Reveal Self-Organizing Principles of Human Cardiogenesis

Speaking at Innovations in Disease Modeling, Sasha Mendjan, Group Leader at Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, presented his talk on aims to recapitulate human heart development in vitro, discover the molecular mechanisms driving cardiac self-organization, and how this fails in congenital heart disease..

5 Unique Ways Organ-on-a-Chip Technology Is Being Applied in Biomedical R&D

Download this listicle to explore how organ-on-a-chip systems are being used to research rejected therapeutics for autoimmune disorders, model diseases, screen drugs and assay toxicity, and discover antiviral therapeutics and prophylactics.

Opinionated Science: What Is Body-on-a-Chip Technology?

Listen to this podcast to hear insights into some of the biggest successes and challenges scientists face when working with Body-on-a-Chip Technology.

Cerebral Organoid Growing on Laminin

This video was captured using a microscope that enables live imaging of 3D culture inside the incubator and shows a cerebral organoid growing on laminin over a week.
Editor's Pics

Nerve Cells

This image shows two types of nerve cells, dye-labelled in a mouse cortex.

Teach Me in 10 – Brain Organoids With Dr. Christopher Esk

This installment of Teach Me in 10 features Dr Christopher Esk, a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology in Vienna, Austria. In this episode Esk talks about the systematic analysis of human brain tissue development using cerebral organoids.