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Advanced Cell Models – Products

Product News

CN Bio Opens New Laboratory Facilities To Extend Organ-on-a-Chip Contract Research Services Capabilities

CN Bio today announced the opening of new laboratory facilities at Cambridge Science Park, dedicated to its contract research services.
Product News

CytoSMART Technologies Introduces Machine-Learning Algorithm for Organoid Analysis on the CytoSMART Omni Systems

CytoSMART Technologies today announced the launch of a new Organoid Analysis Module for use with its flagship CytoSMART Omni live-cell imaging product line.
Product News

Molecular Devices Continues Investment in Organoid Innovation Center

Next-gen 3D biology lab programs stem cells that differentiate and self-organize into organoid models with higher reproducibility and consistency for screening.
Application Note

Creating a More Human-Relevant Model of the Small Intestine with Organ-Chip Technology

Current in vitro models of the small intestine offer limited predictivity due to their reliance on immortalized cell lines and static culture. To better predict human response to drug candidates, researchers need a model than can more closely recreate the intestinal microenvironment.
Application Note

Label-Free, Real-Time Live Cell Assays for 3D Organoids

To successfully use these models across a variety of research disciplines and applications, approaches that reduce variability and technology pipelines to image and quantify these complex cell models are required.

COVID-19 and Organoids: Mini Organs With Massive Potential

Download your whitepaper to learn more about modeling COVID-19 infection in organoids, how to combat COVID-19 variants as well as the future of organoid technology.
Application Note

Deep Learning-Based Image Analysis for Label-Free Monitoring of iPSC and 3D Organoid Cultures

Complex 3D biological models such as organoids and patient-derived spheroids are gaining popularity in many biomedical research areas because they more closely recapitulate in vivo tissues.
Product News

Emulate Introduces the Second-Generation Zoë® Culture Module for Replicating Complex Human Biology and Drug Effect

Emulate has launched the Zoë-CM2™ Culture Module, a second-generation Zoë instrument that is at the core of their Human Emulation System®.
Product News

Generating Cell Repellent Surfaces in Microfluidic Devices

AMSBIO report that researchers from the Medical University of Vienna (Austria), have used Lipidure® - CM5206 to coat channels in their novel microfluidic devices, to prevent cell adhesion.

Cultrex UltiMatrix Reduced Growth Factor Basement Membrane Extract

Cultrex UltiMatrix RGF BME is an optimized and effective growth scaffold for organoid, pluripotent stem cell, and advanced 3D culture applications. It can be used undiluted or diluted to a specific protein concentration.