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Air Analysis – Multimedia


TSE Explores Environmental Pollutants – Air

In this episode, Lucy Lawrence interviews Pascal Lemberge an applications specialist at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

A Badge That Measures Exposures to Dangerous Chemicals

Researchers have developed a new personal air-sampling system that can detect more than 100 different compounds in one device.

Cubis® II Filterweighing

Air pollution monitoring is a very important topic to protect human health. Many standards regulate the emission of fuel powered vehicles like automotives (cars, trucks, motorcycles), boats, etc. or industrial sources of air pollution. In particular, ultra-fine particles such as soot particles can accumulate in the lung are classified as carcinogenic, but also asthma, allergies, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases are caused by fine dust. Filter weighing is a back-weighing method to determine the level of air pollution.

The Strange Chemistry Behind Why You Get Sick on Planes

The compound ozone, a known respiratory irritant, exists in high concentrations at flight altitudes, making the “fresh air” sucked in by air conditioners at those heights, well, not so fresh. In fact ozone exposure may be responsible for many of the short-term discomforts we associate with air travel.

Air Quality Monitoring

A number of pollutants found in the air we breathe are known to have harmful effects on human health and the environment. Consequently, correct monitoring of air quality is of great importance.

Whatever Happened to the Ozone Hole? A Story of A/C, Atoms and CFCs

It might feel like they’re making us cooler, but refrigerators and air conditioning are actually making our world warmer. In this episode of Untold, we consider how we might keep ourselves and our food cool, without accidentally warming up our world.

Opinionated Science Episode 12: Green Labs: Sustainable Science and Exploding Microscopes

In this episode, the team discusses the growing movement for sustainable science. Research has a yeti-sized ecological footprint, and here we follow the tracks from ozone-destroying CFCs and energy-guzzling freezers through to a new future for science that promises to make labs eco-friendly at last.


Air Pollution Over China Dropped in January, Rebounding in March - Satellite Data

A drop in nitrogen dioxide emissions correlated to the nationwide quarantine in China in January 2020. Two months later the emissions are increasing.

UK Indoor Air Pollution

From car exhausts to building construction, from city-wide clouds of pollution to colossal power plants with billowing masses of smog, it can be easy to think of air pollution as something you leave outside when you walk indoors - but homes can have their own air quality issues.

Profiling Personal Air Pollutant Exposures Using a Wearable Non-Selective Passive Wristband

Characterizing cumulative exposure to air pollutant mixtures is a critical step in understanding disease development. The Fresh Air wristband was tested as a personal exposure assessment tool with promising results.