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Air Analysis – Products


Best Practices for Air Sampling in Veterinary Environments

The quality of indoor air dramatically affects the health of animals and humans during livestock production. Airborne transmission has been suspected of being responsible for epidemics of highly infectious diseases in livestock production, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been increasing concern about the role of wild animals in the epidemiology of most zoonoses.
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Measuring Oil and Grease in Water-Solvent Free

Water quality testing is important to address environmental and health concerns. A critical component being analyzed is hydrocarbons, resulting from oil and grease contamination.
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Air Pollution Overtakes AIDS Related Deaths

Research findings show that annual PM2.5 concentrations in some African cities are as much as 5 times over the WHO limit for health-harmful concentration. Findings like these place air pollution as the leading cause of premature death in Africa, overtaking AIDs related deaths.
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Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches GMP- and Cleanroom-Compatible CO2 Incubator

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched a first-in-market CO2 incubator that combines optimal cell growth capabilities with certified cleanroom compatibility, effectively addressing the growing need among biotechnology, biopharmaceutical and clinical laboratories for high-performance incubation systems that meet stringent cleanroom and cGMP standards.
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Sustainability in 2021: Roadside PM & NO2 Removal

The innovative vehicle pollution capture system has been 4 years in development and was revealed at the end of 2019. Praxis/OPCube units provide a compact and robust solution for accurate air quality monitoring of particulates and gasses.
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Air Quality Monitoring Made Simple

The Praxis/OPCube launched in January 2021 and suits customers looking for monitoring of ONLY airborne particles (PM1, PM2.5 & PM10) and NO2, where raw as well as corrected sensor data is available to customers for validation purposes.
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Air Quality Data: How Good is Your Validation?

South Coast Science has an open approach to product development, allowing more testing of its designs and methods. This allows customers to validate the data and incorporate it into their own systems.
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Air Quality Monitoring for the Construction Sector

As a result of new air quality monitoring, construction or roadworks contractors must set out plans for air quality monitoring and dust management.
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24/7 Remote Monitoring of Air Quality Assets

A new device from South Coast Science has been developed to analyze air quality, using their own data infrastructure.
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Air Quality Instrument Manufacturer Shortlisted for ‘Collaborate to Innovate Awards 2020

Air quality can be a contentious issue, therefore confidence in the data must be high and visible to all stakeholders to engage a local community, drive behaviour change and support effective decision making in a commercial environment.