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Anticancer Therapies – Multimedia


Recent Advances and Challenges in Oncolytic Virotherapy: The Myoxma Virus Story

Speaking at The Landscape of Cancer Research 2022 online symposium, keynote speaker Grant McFadden of the University of Arizona delivered his talk on recent advances and challenges in oncolytic virotherapy.

Advancing CRISPR Gene Editing for Solid Tumors Toward Clinical Application

Speaking at The Landscape of Cancer Research 2022 online symposium, Eric Kmiec of the Gene Editing Institute, ChristianaCare, delivered his talk on advances in CRISPR gene editing.

Cancer Immunotherapies Landscape: Challenges and Future

Speaking at The Landscape of Cancer Research 2022 online symposium, Sofia Lourenco of Cancer Research Horizons delivered her talk on the challenges facing the future of cancer immunotherapies.

Next-Generation STING Agonists for Immunotherapy Against Advanced Cancer

Speaking at The Landscape of Cancer Research 2022 online symposium, James Moon from the University of Michigan delivered his talk on next-generation STING agonists for immunotherapy against advanced cancer.
A syringe and three vials containing clear liquid appear to be falling under a spotlight. The background is red.

Vaccine Development Pipeline

Download this eBook to explore the unfolding landscape of cancer vaccine development, how to accelerate vaccine production and faster approaches to vaccine design.
Woman holding a pink ribbon as an awareness of Breast Cancer Day.

Testing a Breast Cancer Vaccine

A vaccine which targets an aggressive form of breast cancer is moving forward to a second trial involving patients fighting cancer.

Key Factors To Accelerate Drug Discovery

Speaking at Drug Discovery & Development online symposium 2021, Pei Liu from GenScript, presented her talk on monoclonal antibodies.

Five Ways To Measure Immunotherapy Potency

This listicle highlights five commonly used cell viability assays and their benefits and limitations in immunotherapy potency testing.

Development and Implementation of Clinical Proteomics for Precision Oncology Applications and Therapeutic Drug Development

Speaking at The Landscape of Cancer Research 2021, Prof. Emanuel Petricoin from The George Mason University, presented his talk on pharmacoproteomics.

Antibody-Based Therapeutics Against Cancer: Emerging Targets and Research Tools

Speaking at The Landscape of Cancer Research 2021 online symposium, Tianzi Li delivered her talk on the discovery of novel targets and the use of antibodies in cancer therapy.