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Anticancer Therapies – News and Features

Head and neck cancer organoids.

Head and Neck Cancer Organoid Biobank Created

Researchers have developed a biobank with organoids derived from patients with head and neck cancer (HNC) and have used this biobank to validate known HNC biomarkers.
Computer-generated, 3D render of cancer cells.

Targeting Uncontrolled Inflammation May Be Key To Treating Resistant Cancers

Researchers have identified how a specific gene mutation triggers an inflammatory cascade that may drive the development of treatment-resistant cancers.
A doctor looks at an X-Ray of a torso.

Blood Test May Predict Responses to Chemoimmunotherapy

A newly identified biomarker can indicate which patients with non-small cell lung cancer will respond well to chemoimmunotherapy
Human colorectal cancer cells under a florescent microscope.

Targeting Tumor Cell Interactions May Advance Colorectal Cancer Treatment

Researchers studying cell interactions in bowel cancer have identified innovative strategies to enhance how the body and drug treatments fight the disease.
Three white pills on a yellow background.

Triple Drug Combination Slows Kidney Cancer Progression by 27%

Advanced kidney cancer progression was slowed by the addition of a targeted kinase inhibitor to a two-drug immunotherapy combination.
White pills spilling out of a purple bottle.

Chemo-Free Drug Combination Beats Chemotherapy for Leukemia Subtype

Research now shows that a chemofree drug-combination therapy is more effective and produces fewer side effects.
A wrist X-Ray.

Elevated Bone Turnover Markers Linked to Shorter Prostate Cancer Survival

According to research, elevated bone biomarkers were associated with an increased risk of death in men with hormone-sensitive prostate cancer.
A histological sample used during the research, viewed under the microscope.

Advanced Cell Therapy Holds Promise For Rare Childhood Brain Cancer

Children with an inoperable type of brain cancer may benefit from an advanced immunotherapy treatment, according to new research.
Human tumor cells from the pancreas stained with an immunocytochemical stain with methyl green in the background and magnified to 400x.

AI Tool Identifies Those At High Risk For Pancreatic Cancer

Research suggests that AI-based population screening could be valuable in finding those at elevated risk for pancreatic cancer and could expedite diagnosis.
Bacteria on an agar plate.

Tumor Bacteria Could Act as Promising Anti-Cancer Therapy

A novel approach to treating cancer uses bacteria that naturally reside within tumors to trigger a powerful anticancer immune response.