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Anticancer Therapies – News and Features

White pills spilling out of a purple bottle.

Chemo-Free Drug Combination Beats Chemotherapy for Leukemia Subtype

Research now shows that a chemofree drug-combination therapy is more effective and produces fewer side effects.
A wrist X-Ray.

Elevated Bone Turnover Markers Linked to Shorter Prostate Cancer Survival

According to research, elevated bone biomarkers were associated with an increased risk of death in men with hormone-sensitive prostate cancer.
A histological sample used during the research, viewed under the microscope.

Advanced Cell Therapy Holds Promise For Rare Childhood Brain Cancer

Children with an inoperable type of brain cancer may benefit from an advanced immunotherapy treatment, according to new research.
Human tumor cells from the pancreas stained with an immunocytochemical stain with methyl green in the background and magnified to 400x.

AI Tool Identifies Those At High Risk For Pancreatic Cancer

Research suggests that AI-based population screening could be valuable in finding those at elevated risk for pancreatic cancer and could expedite diagnosis.
Bacteria on an agar plate.

Tumor Bacteria Could Act as Promising Anti-Cancer Therapy

A novel approach to treating cancer uses bacteria that naturally reside within tumors to trigger a powerful anticancer immune response.
A worm cell breaking through an outer membrane.

Worms May Provide Clues as to How Cancer Cells Spread and Invade

Researchers have assembled a profile of all the genes and proteins that appear to be important in the process of metastasis.
Breast cancer cells.

Breast Cancers Boost Growth by Remotely Disrupting Immunity in Animal Models

Researchers have identified a strategy cancerous tumors use to remotely disrupt the development of an immune response that could stop their growth.
Red blood cells.

Epigenetic Drug Combined With Chemotherapy Is Effective for Lymphoma in Pilot Study

Nearly 90 percent of patients with an aggressive subtype of non-Hodgkin lymphoma had their cancer go into remission in a small phase 2 clinical trial testing a treatment aimed at making chemotherapy more effective.
A transparent cell with blue nucleus.

Advances in Cell Therapy

In this article, we review the latest research in cell therapy development, including advances made in the lab that show promise for translation to the clinic, to improvements in developing, testing and manufacturing.
Visual representation of protein interactions.

Machine Learning Used To Engineer Molecular Interactions

By using deep learning-generated ‘fingerprints’ to characterize millions of protein fragments, researchers have computationally designed novel protein binders that attach seamlessly to key targets, including the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.