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Anticancer Therapies – News and Features

Superresolution image of a group of killer T cells (green and red) surrounding a cancer cell (blue, center).

Exhausted Immune Cells Revived in New Cancer Immunotherapy Approach

Researchers have found a new way to reduce T cell exhaustion even in tumors that are resistant to clinically approved immunotherapies.
Computer generated 3D render of microbes inside of the gut.

How Gut Bacteria Influence Responses to Cancer Immunotherapy

A new study has explored why some patients do not respond to cancer immunotherapy, demonstrating that specific gut bacteria can alter therapy responses and immune signaling in mouse models.
Ultrasound patch worn on the neck.

Wearable Ultrasound Patch Enables Non-Invasive Deep Tissue Monitoring

A team of engineers has developed a stretchable ultrasonic array capable of serial, non-invasive, three-dimensional imaging of tissues as deep as four centimeters below the surface of human skin, at a spatial resolution of 0.5 millimeters.
Cannabis leaves.

Medicinal Cannabis May Unexpectedly Help Cancer Patients' Brain Fog

Cancer patients who use cannabis to address their symptoms have less pain and sleep better, according to new research. But they also experience another, unexpected, benefit: After a few weeks of sustained use, they seem to think more clearly.

A brain scan viewed on a tablet device.

Breakthrough Procedure Enables Chemotherapy To Enter the Brain

A first-in-human clinical trial has successfully delivered chemotherapy drugs through the blood–brain barrier using ultrasound, with the potential to aid treatment for the deadly brain cancer glioblastoma.
The inside of an operating room.

Cancer Drug Toxicity Tested Using Donated Dog Heart Tissue

Researchers have developed a new platform to test cardiac side effects of chemotherapy using donated heart tissue from dogs.
An IV bag and medical equipment next to a hospital bed.

Combination Treatment for Biliary Tract Cancer Shows Promising Results in Trial

A new clinical trial has found that adding pembrolizumab, an immunotherapy drug, to the current standard treatment for advanced biliary tract cancer can significantly improve patient survival.
Human face looking at an artificial intelligence face.
Industry Insight

Digital Twins and Trial Arms: Is the Future of Single-Arm Oncology Trials Already Here?

In this opinion piece, Dr. Gen Li discusses how AI and predictive analytics are transforming oncology clinical trials.
A model of a heart.

Researchers Identify Cause of Heart Damage From Cancer Drugs

Safer cancer drugs are now one step closer after a new study found the likely reason that some treatments damage the heart.
Representation of cancer cells.

Spatial Patterns of Immune Cells Predict Patient Outcomes in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma

Scientists reveal that the spatial organization of immune cells in the tumor microenvironment of clear cell renal cell carcinoma predicts patient outcomes.