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Behavioral Neuroscience – Multimedia


Your Gut Microbiome: The Most Important Organ You’ve Never Heard of

Dr. Erika Ebbel Angle discusses why the gut microbiome is the most important organ you’ve probably never heard of.

Where Does a Food’s Flavor Come From?

This week's Teach Me in 10 features Dr. Abbey Thiel, known as "Abbey the Food Scientist". In less than 10 minutes, Dr. Thiel explains to us where a food's flavor comes from.
Editor's Pics


Confocal fluorescence microscope image of astrocytes (magenta) and their cell nuclei (yellow) in the mouse brain.

Placebo Effects Make Good Medicine Better

Prof. Ted Kaptchuk highlights various studies across a variety of disciplines all focused on the power of the placebo effects and the healing encounter.

Opinionated Science Episode 41: Decoding Pig Grunts, Reviving the Christmas Rat and Your Gut vs Sushi

In the latest Opinionated Science, the TN team looks at a study of pigs’ emotions that may put you off your bacon, discover why an extinct rat shows the challenges of bringing species back from the dead and explore why bacteria of oceanic origin are key to your gut’s ability to digest a humble maki roll.


A New Class of Drug That Could Prevent Depression and PTSD

Current treatments for depression and PTSD only suppress symptoms, if they work at all. What if we could prevent these diseases from developing altogether? Neuroscientist and TED Fellow Rebecca Brachman shares the story of her team's accidental discovery of a new class of drug that, for the first time ever, could prevent the negative effects of stress -- and boost a person's ability to recover and grow. Learn how these resilience-enhancing drugs could change the way we treat mental illness.

5 Influential Neuroscientists, Past and Present

Read this listicle to discover five inspiring neuroscientists and why their influence on other researchers will likely endure well into the future of science.

Opinionated Science Episode 38: Do Gut Microbes Play a Role in Autism?

In this episode, the team examine a new study that challenges the notion that gut microbes may play a causal role in autism spectrum disorder. Might a link once ascribed to signaling from the gut’s nervous system actually just be a consequence of restricted diet?

Antihistamines for Everything?

When you think of antihistamines, you're probably only thinking about getting rid of a runny nose, but we're learning that antihistamines can be used for nausea, insomnia and even depression.

How Menopause Affects the Brain

Neuroscientist Lisa Mosconi reveals how decreasing hormonal levels affect brain aging.