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Behavioral Neuroscience – News and Features

A bright purple outline of a brain on a black background.

Traumatic Memories Have a Unique Imprint in PTSD

A new analysis of the brain activity of people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is the first to reveal that traumatic memories are represented in the brain in an entirely different way than sad autobiographical memories.
Single stranded RNA.

How Does RNA Impact Fear-Related Learning and Memory?

Researchers from UQ’s Queensland Brain Institute have discovered a new way ribonucleic acid (RNA) impacts fear-related learning and memory. This is an exciting example of RNA’s role in fine-tuning the cellular functions in the brain.
A woman sleeping in bed.

Sleeping Brain Waves May Offer Protection to Epilepsy

Slow waves that usually only occur in the brain during sleep are also present during wakefulness in people with epilepsy and may protect against increased brain excitability associated with the condition, finds a new study led by researchers at UCL.
An assortment of fruit and vegetables.

Are Our Healthy Food Choices Also Sustainable?

Many people are keen on making healthy as well as sustainable food choices, and they often intuitively equate "healthy" with being "sustainable". A new study is focusing on whether or not this perception corresponds to reality.
Someone lying down for a brain scan.

Brain Scans From Former NFL Players Identify Repair Protein in the Brain

In a new study using brain scans of former NFL athletes, researchers say they found high levels of a repair protein present long after a traumatic brain injury such as a concussion takes place.
Leaves of the cannabis plant.

Cannabis Doesn't Reduce Long-Term Opioid Use, Suggests 20-Year Study

A 20-year study has found no evidence to suggest that cannabis use reduces illicit opioid use, indicating it may not be an effective treatment or management option for those with opioid use disorder.
A person holds polaroid photos.

How the Brain Retrieves Different Types of Memory

Researchers have investigated the shared and unique neural processes that underlie different types of long-term memory: general semantic, personal semantic and episodic memory.
A yogurt bowl with strawberries and bananas.

Is the Stomach a Route to Better Mental Health?

Researcher have identified how Lactobacillus, a bacterium found in fermented food and yogurt, helps the body manage stress and potentially help improve mental health.
A diagram of a brain, superimposed on the outline of a person's head.

Dopamine Explains the "Sunk-Cost" Fallacy

We value something more if we've worked hard for it, says the "sunk-cost" fallacy, and researchers have identified the neural signaling behind why this happens.
An individual holding up a new-born baby.

AI Model Predicts Long-Term Outcomes in Very Premature Babies

Researchers at UMC Utrecht have developed an AI model to predict long-term outcome in extremely premature babies early in life. The model can identify which infants might face intellectual disability as they grow.