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Behavioral Neuroscience – News and Features

Protein structure.

New Method Measures Protein Expression in Neurons

Northwestern Medicine investigators have developed a method to measure protein expression in an individual neuron, a discovery that will enable scientists to study how this process goes awry in disease.
White pills on a blue background.

Study Sheds Light on Side Effects for Children Taking Asthma Drug

A University of Oklahoma study about a “black box warning” for the asthma drug Singulair continues to influence a national conversation about the medication and its reported neuropsychiatric side effects in children and adolescents.
Two hands holding beer bottles.

Understanding the Genetics of Alcohol Consumption

A research group has drilled deep into a dataset of over 3 million individuals and found intriguing connections between genetic factors influencing alcohol consumption and their relationship with other disorders.
A person's abdomen with an animation of human intestines and bacteria on their stomach.

Disturbed Gut Flora in Early Years Linked to Autism

Disturbed gut flora during the first years of life is associated with diagnoses such as autism and ADHD later in life. This is according to a study led by researchers at the University of Florida and Linköping University.
Someone having a brain scan.

Aging-Related Risk Factors for Dementia Revealed in Study

Researchers have used data from UK Biobank participants to reveal that diabetes, traffic-related air pollution and alcohol intake are the most harmful out of 15 modifiable risk factors for dementia.
3D model of a human brain

Distinct Brain Mechanisms for Emotion Generation and Regulation Identified

Researchers have identified multiple brain regions that are unique to regulating emotions. The study is among the first of its kind to separate activity relating to emotion generation from emotion regulation in the human brain.
Vaccine vials.

Designing a Vaccine To Block “Zombie Drug” Xylazine

Scripps Research chemical biologists have developed a vaccine to block the effects of xylazine’s toxicity. The vaccine works by training the immune system to attack the drug, which is described in a new paper published in Chemical Communications.
The word "keto" spelt in food.

Keto Diet Helps Treat Bipolar and Schizophrenia

Researchers found that a four-month-long low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet improved the majority of participants’ mental health scores.
A protest, with people holding signs.

Gloomy Climate Change Warnings Work in Some Countries, But Not Norway

An international study reveals how "doom and gloom" climate change messages can be effective in some countries, but for others, practical changes like planting trees are more effective.
A 3D model of a human brain.

Why Are Some Memories Retained, While Others Are Lost?

A new study proposes a mechanism that determines which memories are tagged as important enough to linger in the brain until sleep makes them permanent.