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Cell Culture – News and Features

A plastic model of a brain with a brain cell beside it.

More Accurate Pediatric Brain Organoids Generated

Essential features of the cortex, an important part of the human brain and its development, have been more accurately captured in new organoids.
A scientist viewing analytical data on a computer screen with another scientist working at an instrument in the background.

Add Another Dimension for Analytical Intention

Two-dimensional liquid chromatography (2D-LC) offers extra separation power for complex and challenging samples and now has an important place in industry as well academia thanks to important advances. But this is by no means the end of the story.
A cross-section of a heart organoid, with different chambers shown in magenta, cyan and white.

First Multi-Chamber Heart Organoids Developed

A new multi-chamber organoid that mirrors the heart’s intricate structure enables scientists to advance screening platforms for drug development, toxicology studies and understanding heart development.
Double helix structure of DNA.

CRISPR "Cancer-Shredding" Technique Destroys Deadly Brain Cancer Cells

Gladstone Institutes researchers leveraged CRISPR to target and rapidly destroy glioblastoma cells in an approach that could carry over to other highly mutated cancers.
3D representation of drug molecules.

Potential Drug Targets for Ovarian Cancer Identified

To identify potential therapeutic targets and preclinical drug candidates for the treatment of ovarian cancer, researchers have developed novel small molecule inhibitors of CPSF3, that catalyzes pre-mRNA splicing.
A 3D rendering of intestines.

Key Mechanism in Stem Cell Switch Identified

Intestinal organoids have helped to shine new light on the mechanisms behind stem cell differentiation, identifying a key step in the "switch" to different cell types.
An orange prescription bottle spills green and blue pill capsules.

Melanoma and Lung Cancer Drug Shows Potential in Other Skin Cancer Type

A new drug developed for treating melanoma and lung cancer can also stop the progression of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, for which there are currently no targeted treatments.
Coffee mug with coffee beans.

Used Coffee Harbors New Compounds for Treating Brain Diseases

The authors of the study say that caffeic-acid based carbon quantum dots – which can be derived from spent coffee grounds – have the potential to protect brain cells from damage.
Cells in a blood vessel.

Study Identifies Cause of Brain Hemorrhage That Is Not Due to Blood Vessels

A first-of-its-kind study led by the University of California, Irvine has revealed a new culprit in the formation of brain hemorrhages that does not involve injury to the blood vessels, as previously believed.
Cancer cells.

New Achilles Heel of Leukemia Cells Discovered

A team has now discovered a site in the DNA of cancer cells that is essential for leukemia cells to survive. Cancer cells in which the gene encoded at this site was modified experimentally died off.