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CRISPR and Genome Editing – Multimedia


Get the Gene-Edited Cell Lines You Need

While CRISPR-edited cell lines can be beneficial for target identification, reagent validation, and biomarker discovery, generating high-quality cell lines can be fraught with difficulties and time-consuming and relies on several factors.

Gene Therapy To Treat Epilepsy With Dr. Eric Wengert

In this Teach Me in 10 episode, Lucy Lawrence is joined by Dr. Eric Wengert, postdoctoral fellow at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to discuss gene therapies used to treat epilepsy.

Cell and Gene Therapies

Download this infographic to learn more about what cell and gene therapies are, how they are made, and advancements and future considerations in cell and gene therapy research.

ECLIPSE, An Automated CRISPR Platform for the Large-Scale Generation of Cell Models for the iPSC Neurodegenerative Disease Initiative (iNDI)

Speaking at the Innovations in Disease Modeling online symposium 2022, Kevin holder, PhD, delivers his talk on Synthego's automated CRISPR platform for large-scale generation of cell models.

Analytical Solutions To Accelerate Your AAV Gene Therapy

Gene therapy holds great promise for a wide range of diseases,
including cancers, cardiovascular diseases and thousands of rare
hereditary diseases caused by gene mutations.

Recent Advances in Gene Therapy

Download this listicle to explore recent advances in gene therapy such as novel virus-free delivery systems, precision targeting using lipid nanoparticles and safer gene editing systems.
How To Guide

Utilizing Synthetic Biology To Help You Scale and Expedite Discovery

Download this guide to discover a comprehensive set of tools and solutions for target optimization and target interaction analysis, genome editing–knock-in genes as well as CAR T cell receptors plus RNA vaccine templates.
How To Guide

Advanced Nucleic Acid Technology for Better CRISPR Libraries

Whether you are looking for the highest quality pre-defined content or you need to create your oligo libraries from the ground-up, Agilent has a solution for your CRISPR needs.

Next-Generation Analytical Solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy

In medicine, gene therapy is the process where nucleic acids are delivered to a patient’s cells as a therapeutic drug to treat an array of genetic diseases. All gene therapies utilize either viral or non-viral vectors to deliver the DNA or RNA into the host cell.

TSE Explores Genetics - Gene Editing: Past, Present and Future

In this interview, Lucy Lawrence speaks with Jennifer Doudna about the co-development of CRISPR-Cas9 and winning a Nobel prize.