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CRISPR and Genome Editing – Multimedia

Detecting Contamination in Biopharmaceuticals

Rapid Contamination Detection in Short Shelf-Life Biopharmaceuticals

This poster explores state-of-the-art nucleic acid detection, the critical steps and the advantages of this approach.

The Best Tools for DNA and RNA Quantification

Nucleic acid quantification (NAQ) is the process of determining the concentration of DNA or RNA in a sample. Accurate NAQ is crucial in various molecular biology applications, including PCR, sequencing, cloning and gene expression analysis.
Speaker headshot with a DNA helix behind them.

Applications for Gene Editing — Livestock

Learn about the applications of gene editing in livestock and the future of this field in our latest episode of Teach Me in 10.
Viles Vector

Productivity Optimization for AAV Affinity Chromatography

The industry has adopted standardized methods for the production and purification of rAAV, streamlining processes for greater efficiency. However, high titers are crucial for meeting demand and cutting costs for therapies that require large doses or have wide patient bases.
Protein Research

Your Protein Research Handbook

This eBook discusses an array of techniques used for the study of proteins and showcases a portfolio of protein biology products to detect, measure and analyze protein expression, identity and function.
Four cryogenic vials in a green storage rack.

Cell Therapies on Ice: Seven Trends in Cryopreservation To Enable Cell and Gene Therapy Research

Explore the prevailing trends shaping advanced cryopreservation practices, including seven key trends that underpin effective cryopreservation and biosample management as an essential element in supporting research and cell and gene therapy.
DNA editing
How To Guide

How To Run a Successful CRISPR Experiment

CRISPR is a powerful technique that can enhance your research. If you are getting to grips with a CRISPR protocol for the first time
Genome Editing Image

Genome Editing

Download this infographic to learn more about different tools that enable gene editing and why scientists want to edit the genome.
Rapid Quantitation of AAV Capsids in Bioprocess Development for Gene Therapy Using Octet®️ BLI

Rapid Quantitation of AAV Capsids in Bioprocess Development for Gene Therapy Using Octet®️ BLI

Accelerate bioprocessing in gene therapy. Adeno-associated virus (AAV) capsid quantitation in as little as 15 minutes using Octet® BLI systems. Compare the Octet® AAVX biosensor workflow to that of ELISA at various stages in bioprocess development.

Tips and Tricks for CRISPR-Cas9 Success

Precise gene-editing with revolutionary CRISPR-Cas9 technology holds immense potential in various life science fields. But whilst it’s a very effective tool, it does not come without its limitations.