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Cryopreservation – Multimedia

Assessing the Functionality of PBMCs After Cryopreservation
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Assessing the Functionality of PBMCs After Cryopreservation

As PBMCs continue to see an increase in use in the testing of new biological therapeutic compounds, ensuring purified cells retain functionality after cryopreservation is critical.
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A Guide to Cryopreservation Equipment and Freezing Programs

This guide explores these advancements in cryoprotective agents and equipment, which are vital for scientific fields from biobanking to drug development.
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Your Guide to Culturing Organoids

This guide equips researchers with a standardized approach for routine handling of organoids, including protocols that can be applied to both normal and diseased tissue from various tissue types.
Four cryogenic vials in a green storage rack.

Cell Therapies on Ice: Seven Trends in Cryopreservation To Enable Cell and Gene Therapy Research

Explore the prevailing trends shaping advanced cryopreservation practices, including seven key trends that underpin effective cryopreservation and biosample management as an essential element in supporting research and cell and gene therapy.
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New and Comprehensive Protein Dataset Elevates Health Research

The largest body of work analyzing the effects of common gene variations on blood proteins, and how these may contribute to disease, to date has been published in Nature.
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Efficient Serum-Free Cryopreservation of Primary Cells and Tumors

The composition of the cryopreservation medium can have a big impact on the recovery of viable cells after thawing. Learn how long-term cryopreservation with MACS® Freezing Solution can maintain the viability and stability of cell suspensions and tissue samples.
Cell Culture Medium
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Cultivating Stem Cells: A Guide to Choosing the Right Culture Medium

Pluripotent stem cells are the gateway to creating cells for disease modeling, regeneration and drug discovery. When it comes to growing such infinite potential, selecting the right culture medium is key!
Illustration of a person being cryogenically frozen.

Can You Freeze Your Body and Come Back to Life?

Is it possible to freeze a human, preserve them indefinitely and then thaw them out? Shannon N. Tessier explores the challenges of human cryopreservation.
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Cell Culture Resource Guide

Maintaining healthy cell cultures is vital to obtaining reliable, high-quality data. However, a lot can go wrong when you are manipulating living cells.
Discover the Freshness of Frozen PBMCs content piece image
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Discover the Freshness of Frozen PBMCs

PBMCs are routinely isolated and frozen down for experimental use, but what impact does cryopreservation have on these cells?