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Cryopreservation – News and Features

A woman lies asleep in bed.

Self-Declared “Night Owls” Tend To Perform Better in Cognitive Tests

According to a new study, sleeping between 7-9 hours a night was optimum for brain function, boosting cognitive functions such as memory, reasoning and speed of processing information.
A scientist overlaid with an image of a DNA double helix.

Researchers Identify Thousands of High-Risk Cancer Gene Variants

Researchers have investigated the impact of all possible genetic changes in the tumor suppressor gene BAP1.
A woman sat on the floor with her head in her hands.

Could “Love Hormones” Treat Obesity and Postnatal Depression?

Scientists from the University of Cambridge have identified a gene that can cause obesity, behavioral issues and postnatal depression when missing or impaired. The study, published in Cell, points to oxytocin as a potential treatment.
Various cell types inside SemaCyte wells.
Industry Insight

Semarion Wins SLAS Europe Ignite Award 2024

At SLAS Europe 2024, Technology Networks had the pleasure of speaking with Jeroen Verheyen, CEO of Semarion, to discuss their award-winning work and how technological innovations advance research.
A glowing gold trophy.
Industry Insight

SLAS Europe 2024 New Product Award Winners

Two winners earned the New Product Award at SLAS Europe 2024: SEED Biosciences’ Dispen3D and Cryologyx’s PlateReady™. Technology Networks spoke with CEO of CryoLogyx Tom Congdon to learn more about their award-winning new product.
A man sleeping while wearing a sleep tracker ring.

Your Sleep Tracker Could Reveal Health Secrets

Researchers identified five sleep types; the way people move between these types yields insights about both chronic and acute conditions.
Coffee beans, ground up coffee and a coffee.

Inherited Traits Determine Your Coffee Intake

A team collected genetic data as well as self-reported coffee-consumption numbers to assemble a genome-wide association study (GWAS). The idea was to make connections between the genes that were known to be associated with coffee consumption related to health.
A person's hand points to a brain scan.

Poor Metabolic Health Is Associated With Memory and Thinking Problems

People with poor metabolic health are more likely to have worse brain health, experiencing memory and thinking problems, reports a new study.
Three T cells surround a cancer cell

Secondary Cancer Risk Low Following CAR T-Cell Therapy, Study Finds

New research illustrates that the risk of secondary cancers following CAR T-cell therapy is low.
An astronaut floats in space above Earth.

Space Omics and Medical Atlas Database Could Enhance the Health of Earthlings

The Space Omics and Medical Atlas was developed as a biomarker tool to study the health of astronauts, but it could also benefit earthlings.