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Drug Targets – Multimedia


High-Throughput Screening

Download this infographic to explore key milestones and assay types, innovations driving high-throughput screening (HTS) and a typical HTS workflow.

How Water Affects Pharma Quality Control

Download this eBook to learn more about water in drug production and QC and its role in QC failure.

Understanding Real-Time Human Biology

Download this eBook to learn more about how to link genomics with proteomics to accelerate the search for drug targets, understand COVID-Associated Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in children and much more.

Assessing Kinetics in Drug Discovery

Download this listicle to learn more about the importance of drug kinetics, key experimental techniques and computational modeling tools.

Cancer Cells’ “Self Eating” May Be New Drug Target

Researchers reveal how pancreatic cancer cells adapt to the low-energy environment of a tumor: by eating their own mitochondria! Now, by targeting this process, researchers hope to halt cancer cell proliferation.

Recent Developments in Proteomics Research

Here, we take a closer look at some recent developments in the world of proteomics research.

Binding Kinetics in Drug Discovery

Binding kinetic research is both beneficial and critical for successful drug discovery research. In this eBook, we delve into the role of binding kinetics in pharmacology, methods for measuring kinetic parameters, and applications.

Demystifying Single-Cell Sequencing

Every field of biology has a moonshot vision. Whether that be identifying a new cell type in a poorly characterized tissue, finding a lasting, effective drug target for Alzheimer’s disease or reaching 100% remission rates for immunotherapy across patients and cancer types.

Opinionated Science Episode 34: Genetics of Endometriosis, the Birthing Brain and Cancer Vaccines

In this episode, the Technology Networks team reviews world-leading research into the mechanisms behind endometriosis, a condition that affects up to 10% of women of reproductive age, but often takes a decade to diagnose. There's also a peek into mom's brain during birth and a new cancer vaccine that harnesses similar technology used to create the Oxford–AstraZeneva COVID-19 vaccine.

Uncover New Drug Targets Through Cell Metabolism

Drug target identification is a key step in the discovery and development of safe and effective therapies. Energy metabolism is now emerging as a critical contributor to many cellular functions.