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Electrophysiology – News and Features

A 3D model of a human brain.

Neuronal Ripples Reveal Insight Into Human Memory

Spatial navigation and spatial memory play a central role in our lives. Without these abilities, we would hardly be able to find our way around our surroundings and would find it difficult to remember past events.
Two callipers hold and twist a patch with microneedles and computer-like wiring.

Engineers Unveil New Patch To Help People Control Robotic Exoskeletons

A newly developed wearable patch, about the size of a BandAid, can be used to operate robotic exoskeletons that mimic or enhance the power of human anatomy.
A couple walk through a grassland, with mountains in the distance.

How a Walk in Nature Helps Us Focus

“A walk in nature enhances certain executive control processes in the brain above and beyond the benefits associated with exercise,” reports a new study.
Neural network connections surround a diagram of a brain superimposed on a person's head.

Long-Lasting Neural Implant Can Record From the Brain for Months

A newly developed soft implantable device can record single-neuron activity in the brain for months, furthering our understanding of neural circuits.
A child takes notes in pencil.

Handwriting May Improve Brain Connectivity More Than Keyboard Typing

EEG data has shown how brain connectivity is enhanced when writing by hand compared to typing on a keyboard, which has implications for memory and learning, especially in classrooms.
An abstract image of the universe within the mind.

What Happens in the Human Brain After Taking DMT?

How, exactly, DMT alters brain function to produce positive effects observed in clinical trials is not yet clear, though a study from scientists at Imperial College London has shed some light.
A stethoscope on a sheet.

AI Stethoscope Doubles Detection of Pregnancy-Linked Heart Issues

An AI-enabled digital stethoscope has been shown to identify twice as many cases of pregnancy-associated cardiomyopathy compared to regular care.
Human brain on a blue and purple background.

Evidence Gathers That Gamma Rays Can Help Treat Alzheimer's

A new review surveys a broadening landscape of studies showing what’s known, and what remains to be found, about the therapeutic potential of non-invasive sensory, electrical or magnetic stimulation of gamma brain rhythms.
A bulldog wearing a yellow top.

The Shape of a Dog's Head Can Affect Their Sleep

Flat-faced dogs' popularity comes at a high cost in terms of health: shortened skulls are associated with deteriorative brain morphology changes, breathing difficulties and sleep problems.
A child playing with lego.

Exposure to Trauma in Infancy Alters the Brain, but Can We Reverse It?

Weizmann Institute researchers reveal in mice how exposure to trauma in infancy alters the brain; they show that early treatment to reverse these changes is vital for rehabilitation.