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Electrophysiology – News and Features

An X-ray image of lungs.

Immunotherapy Drug Well Tolerated in Lung Cancer Patients With Limited Physical Function

For patients with advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and limited performance status, an immune checkpoint inhibitor drug called durvalumab is safe and may benefit overall survival.
Like a flower to a bee

Bumblebees Can’t Taste Pesticides in Their Nectar

In a behavioral experiment, bees consumed the same amount of food, regardless of whether the solution contained pesticides or not, even when the pesticides were at concentrations high enough to “make the bees very ill.”
A family prepares food in a kitchen.

When We Perceive What Others Do, Our Brain Sees What We Expect

New research has shown that our perception of what others do depends on what we expect to happen more so than previously thought.
A clear bottle filled with light and dark blue drug capsules.

New Compound Outperforms Pain Drug

A small molecule drug, one of 27 million screened in a library of potential new drugs, has shown promise as a painkiller, outperforming gabapentin for treating four types of chronic pain.
A zebrafish.

Understanding the Neural Circuits That Control the Speed of Locomotion

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden have uncovered the molecular logic underpinning the assembly of spinal circuits that control the speed of locomotion in adult zebrafish.
Cancer cells.

Cancer Neuroscience Discovery Offers Hope for Hard-To-Treat Brain Tumors

To drive their growth, many tumors hijack nervous system signals, including those needed for brain plasticity. Stanford Medicine discoveries are opening a promising new branch of oncology research.
A man on a virtual call with a woman.

Zoom Calls Lead to a Sense of Social Disconnect According to Our Neurons

A new study finds that neural signaling during online exchanges is substantially suppressed compared to activity in face-to-face conversations.
An ambulance travelling down a road.

Stroke-Detecting Cap Could Diagnose Patients Before They Reach the Hospital

A special brain-wave cap can diagnose small and large ischemic strokes in the ambulance, allowing the patient to receive appropriate treatment faster.
A person sleeping in a bed with white sheets.

We Can Respond to Verbal Stimuli While We Sleep

Sleep is not a state in which we are completely isolated from our environment: while we sleep, we are capable of hearing and understanding words, observes a new study.
A 3D model of a human brain.

Neural Networks Help Reconstruct Speech From Brain Activity

Separating out the complex web of neural regions controlling precise muscle movement in the mouth, jaw and tongue with the regions processing the auditory feedback of hearing your own voice is a complex problem.