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ELISA – Multimedia

How To Guide

The Complete Guide to Multiplex Assays in Drug Discovery

Download this guide to learn more about the advantages of multiplex immunoassays, the importance of multiplexing for drug discovery as well as how to choose your multiplex assay for use in drug discovery.
How To Guide

A Clear and Easy Guide to ELISAs

Download your guide to learn the answers to commonly asked questions such as what is at the core of your immunoassay as well as why use an ELISA over other techniques?

10 Best ELISA Practices and Techniques

Download this poster to discover tips on moisture prevention, incubation times and dispensing techniques.
How To Guide

Eight Tips for Ensuring a Successful ELISA

Download this guide to learn more about how to ensure the success of your ELISA experiments.
How To Guide

Tips for Successful Immunoassays

Download this guide for tips on choosing the most appropriate antibodies and buffers, maintaining sample quality, washing techniques, detecting multiple targets and monitoring assay performance.
How To Guide

How To Validate Your Antibodies

Download this guide to learn the importance of context in optimization, why controls can make or break an assay and how sample status may be confirmed in an antibody-independent manner.

Introducing the Antibody

Antibodies are a vital part of the immune system, playing a key role in our ability to fight infection and in the efficacy of vaccinations. However, that’s not where their utility ends. Find out about what antibodies are, where they come from, how they function and how science is putting them to work in the laboratory.

Exploring Methods for Host Cell Protein Analysis

The host systems often used to manufacture protein-based biotherapeutics can produce their own endogenous proteins, known as host cell proteins (HCPs), which can ultimately contaminate the product. Download this list to learn about some of the most commonly used methods for HCP analysis.

CaptSure™ DIY ELISA - Fastest ELISA Development Without Need for Plate Coating

CaptSure DIY ELISA is the latest cutting-edge ELISA kit with a built-in system for antibody labeling, enabling the rapid and easy development of in-house ELISAs using any antibody pair while eliminating the need to perform plate coating procedures.

Identification of New Hit Compounds Using a High-Throughput Phenotypic Screen with SMA Patient iPSC-Derived Motor Neurons

Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is an inheritable cause of infant mortality that is characterized by the loss of lower motor neurons and skeletal muscle atrophy. The degeneration of motor neurons is caused by insufficient levels of survival motor neuron (SMN) protein, which is encoded by two nearly identical genes SMN1 and SMN2. Most cases of SMA harbour homozygous deletions of the SMN1 gene and retain at least one copy of SMN2.