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Flow Cytometry – Products

A scientist.
Product News

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Revolutionizes Nanoparticle Analysis With Launch of CytoFLEX Nano Flow Cytometer

Instrument Breaks the Boundaries of EV Detection, Providing Access to New Data Points.

Cyto-Mine®: Single Cell Analysis and Monoclonality Assurance System

Cyto-Mine® can simplify and accelerate your day-to-day operations in cell line development, antibody discovery, and beyond. It’s powered by our picodroplet technology to screen and analyze millions of individual cells and isolate those rare ‘hits’ with monoclonality assured. And all in a single, integrated platform with minimal ‘hands-on’ time.
Two blood samples.
Product News

PlaqueTec and the Babraham Institute Collaborate on Phenotypic Screen of Coronary Artery Blood

The project aims to investigate cell types present in coronary artery samples from patients with CAD participating in PlaqueTec’s BIOPATTERN trial. The Assay will be available as a service in the Babraham Institute’s Flow Cytometry Facility.
An antibody attacking a viral protein.
Product News

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Achieves Industry-First With Commercial Release of Anti-TRBC2 Conjugated Antibody for Flow Cytometry

New advancement builds on 25-year commitment to T-Cell research.
Product News

FDA Clears Beckman Coulter Life Sciences AQUIOS STEM System for Stem Cell Analysis

Innovation provides United States with first workflow update in 25 years.
SureSeq™ Myeloid MRD Panel box.
Product News

OGT to Premiere SureSeq™ Myeloid MRD Panel for AML Disease Monitoring at AMP

New NGS assay delivers exceptional coverage, providing a rapid and highly sensitive means of investigating MRD in AML samples.
A Framework for Successful Cell Line Development
App Note / Case Study

A Framework for Successful Cell Line Development

These materials highlight the use of single cell dispensers that enhance efficiency and predictability, improving workflow robustness to support safe and cost-effective biopharmaceutical manufacturing.
Illuminating Immunology with Spectral Flow Cytometry

Illuminating Immunology With Spectral Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry is a core technique in many immunology labs.. However, extensive immunophenotyping panels can result in overlapping emission peaks, time-consuming compensation and complex data analysis.
The biotech liquid flow meter.
Product News

Non-Invasive Device for Monitoring Ultra-Low Fluid Flows

The Micro Flow Meter from Biotech Fluidics is a new device designed to continuously monitor ultra-low fluidic flows in real-time.
The Advanced Flow Cytometry Handbook.
Product News

New Sartorius Digital Handbook Brings the Power of Advanced Flow Cytometry to Every Scientist

Sartorius, has released its first Advanced Flow Cytometry Handbook as a comprehensive digital guide to assays and workflows on the iQue® Advanced High Throughput Flow Cytometry Platform.