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Future Foods – News and Features

A plant-based cheese cut up on a cutting board.

Ancient Technology May Hold the Key to Plant-Based Cheese That ‘People Want To Eat’

To produce plant-based cheeses that feel and taste like dairy cheese, scientists have their sights set on fermentation. In a new research result, scientists demonstrate the potential of fermentation for producing climate-friendly cheeses.
Splashing milk caught mid splash with droplets in the air.

Pasteurization-Resistant Bacterium Can Persist in Microfiltered Milk

A new filtration process that aims to extend milk’s shelf life can result in a pasteurization-resistant Microbacterium passing into fluid milk if equipment isn’t properly cleaned early, food scientists have found.
A man in a blue t-shirt holds a burger above a plate of chips.

Substituting Meat for Plant-Based Alternatives To Cut Global Emissions

If we switched half our meat and milk products to plant-based alternatives, global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) could fall by up to 31% by 2050, new analysis suggests. A 50% substitution scenario could also reduce water usage and undernourishment levels significantly.
A colourful variety of vegetables - including tomatoes, broccoli, green beans, potatoes and onions - are spread out on a wooden table.

Food Sector Could Achieve Net Negative Emissions by 2050

State-of-the-art agricultural technology and largescale changes to the global food system could help the sector achieve net negative greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions – where the emission sinks exceed the production of emissions – by the year 2050.
A green leaf plant.

Researchers Identify “On/Off” Switch for Pathogenic Behaviour in Fungi

By comparing the beneficial and harmful fungal Ct strains, researchers found that activation of a single fungal secondary metabolism gene cluster determined the negative impact of the fungus on the host plant.
An onion cut in half.

Fermented Onions Make Plant-Based Meats "Meatier"

Plant-based alternatives such as tempeh and bean burgers provide protein-rich options for those who want to reduce their meat consumption. However, replicating meat's flavors and aromas has proven challenging.
A coffee latte, next to ground up coffee, next to coffee beans.

Waste Coffee Grounds Used To Boost Concrete Strength

Engineers in Australia have found a way of making stronger concrete with roasted used-coffee grounds, to give the drink-additive a “double shot” at life and reduce waste going to landfills.
Workers in an apple food chain supply market.

Smart Packaging Could Keep Food Safe During Transportation

Case Western Reserve University researchers are leading the development of a “smart packaging” system to monitor temperature fluctuations, moisture changes and pathogens in perishable food products during transportation.
An airfried 3D printed calamari ring on a sheet of aluminum foil.

Is 3D Printed Seafood the Future of Sustainable Eating?

Researchers have used 3D printing to turn plant-based proteins into a viable seafood alternative that accurately mimics the texture and nutritional value of real fish. Such high-protein mock seafood options could help supplement the rising demand for sustainable food products.
A milk alternative in a jar shown before and after heat treatment.

How Does Heat Treatment Affect Plant-Based Milks?

All milk products must go through heat treatment to prevent harmful bacterial growth, but how does this affect plant-based milk? Researchers have discovered how this affects the look and feel of one such drink made from coconut and rice.