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Future Foods – News and Features

Three gulls eating chips.

Urban Seagulls Still Prefer Seafood

Although known for the penchant for thrown-away junk food, urban seagulls still prefer their own natural diet of raw fish, according to new research.
Crops under sunshine.

Archaeologists Find Earliest Evidence of Crop Farming in East Africa

A trove of ancient plant remains excavated in Kenya helps explain the history of plant farming in equatorial eastern Africa.
Aphids on the test field.

Weeds Help Beneficial Bugs Control Pests

Leaving some weeds between crops can help to combat pests on agricultural land. This step has particularly positive effects in combination with other measures: the cultivation of different types of crops and planting strips of wildflowers.
A burger in a pan.

Is Plant-Based “Fake” Meat Good for Your Health?

Are fake meats the healthy, greener alternative to the fatty flesh of cows and pigs? Or are they just another counterfeit component of the West’s new detrimental diet? Technology Networks asked the experts to find out.
Asymmetric supercapacitors.

Scientists Convert Chicken Fat Into Energy Storage Devices

The global move toward more sustainable, green energy has increased power reserves and the demand for energy storage devices. Unfortunately, some materials for these devices can be expensive and environmentally problematic.
A red squirrel climbs a tree.

Trauma Cuts Life Short for Squirrels

Early-life struggles and trauma can affect the long-term survival of red squirrels, but a food boom in their second year of life can extend lifespan.
A charcuterie board filled with cold cuts.

Some Plant-Based Steaks and Cold Cuts Are Lacking in Protein

Many plant-based meats have seemingly done the impossible by recreating animal products ranging from beef to seafood, but they may be lacking in protein.
A coffee bean between tweezers.

Is Lab-Grown Coffee the Sustainable Brew of the Future?

Dr. Heiko Rischer, head of plant biotechnology at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, breaks down the promise of bioreactor-brewed coffee.
Ants on a stick.

How Four Ant Species Differ in Taste

Researchers now report the unique aroma profiles of four species of edible ants, which taste markedly different from one another.
Two scientists in lab coats working at a laboratory bench.

Project To Produce Antimicrobial Drugs From Food By-Products Receives £1 Million Grant

A project aiming to use food by-products to produce antimicrobial drugs from bacteria has been awarded a £1.1 million grant to help antimicrobial production to be more cost-effective and sustainable.