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Infectious Diseases – News and Features

A pregnant woman in labour.

COVID Vaccines Lower Risk of Caesarean Births

Global meta-analysis of 1.8m women found vaccines led to 61% lower odds of infection during pregnancy and lower odds of hypertension and neonatal ICU admission.
A clinician applies a band aid to a vaccination site.

Mandated Flu Shots for Staff Are Now Required by More Hospitals

In just a few months, hospitals and health systems nationwide will start working to vaccinate as many staff as possible against the flu, and more US hospitals than ever will require employees to get vaccinated.
Immunotherapy attacking a cancer cell.

Reinvigorating Exhausted Immune Cells May Kickstart Anti-Cancer Therapy

Researchers at The Jackson Laboratory have not only identified how two immune cells work together to fight cancer but also revealed the cascade of molecules that help coordinate this attack.

Plant Bacterial Pathogens Repurpose Their Own Phages To Eliminate Competing Microbes

New research led by the University of Utah and University College London (UCL) has found that plant bacterial pathogens are able to repurpose elements of their own bacteriophages, or phages, to wipe out competing microbes.
A woman holding her stomach in pain, sitting on a bed.

Antimalarial Compounds Show Promise in Treating PCOS

PCOS affects 10–13% of women worldwide. A new study, published in Science, investigates the therapeutic potential of antimalarial compounds for polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Ultra-Processed Foods and Alcohol Contribute to 2.7 Million Deaths in Europe a Year, Says WHO

In a new report, the health organization calls on governments to combat the lobbying and commercial influence of “harmful” industries to protect the health of future generations.
Three T cells surround a cancer cell

Secondary Cancer Risk Low Following CAR T-Cell Therapy, Study Finds

New research illustrates that the risk of secondary cancers following CAR T-cell therapy is low.
Present-day traders and travelers in the Upper Mustang region of Nepal.

Ancient Genomes Reveal the Origin and Spread of Malaria

In a new study, an international team of researchers, reconstructed the evolutionary history and global spread of malaria over the past 5,500 years, identifying trade, warfare, and colonialism as major catalysts for its dispersal.
A cell with pink interior and transparent membrane.

“Synthetic” Cell Follows Chemical Directions, Advancing the Search for New Drug Delivery Systems

Scientists have developed a minimal synthetic cell that follows external chemical cues and demonstrates a governing principle of biology called “symmetry breaking.”
An immune cell attacks a pathogen, surrounded by antibodies.

Immune Cells Can Outlive an Organism and Age Independently

While most cell types experience a functional decline after years of proliferation and replication, T cells can proliferate seemingly indefinitely.