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Infectious Diseases – News and Features

A pill with a molecular structure.

Repurposed Cancer Drug May Help Prevent Damage From COVID-19 Infection

A new study has shown that a repurposed cancer drug can suppress a molecule that promotes lung inflammation during COVID-19 infection.
Two bacteriophage on the surface of a bacteria.

“Selfish Genes” Provide Viruses With a Competitive Advantage

"Selfish genes" previously thought to have no benefit to their host organisms have been shown to provide viruses with a competitive advantage.
3D protein molecules showing the molecular backbone

An Introduction to Protein Purification: Methods, Technologies and Applications

The ability to obtain pure proteins is essential for developing drugs, creating vaccines and understanding biological processes. In this article, we discuss what a typical protein purification protocol involves and the various techniques used.
A person with an IV in their hand.

Tissue Stiffness Can Impact Pancreatic Cancer Resistance to Chemotherapy

Researchers have demonstrated that conditions in the matrix surrounding pancreatic cancer cells impact whether those cells respond to chemotherapy.
A person holds a mobile phone with one hand and touches the screen with the other.

Mobile Phone Data Could Help Prevent Future Superbug Outbreaks

Combining a pathogen's genomic DNA with human travel patterns from anonymized mobile phone data provides a new way to prevent superbug outbreaks.
Three glass milk bottles on a doorstep.

Highly Infectious Avian Flu Is Inactive in Pasteurized Milk Products

Pasteurization of milk products destroys highly pathogenic avian flu, eliminating risks posed to consumers.
A man holding a clump of his hair and holding his head

Targeting an Ancient Biological Stress Response Could Help Prevent Hair Loss

Activation of an ancient biological stress response has been linked to a proliferative block in the human hair follicle. Researchers suggest that targeting this stress response could be used to help maintain hair follicles and treat hair loss.
A medical professional administers a vaccination to a woman's upper arm.

Preclinical Studies of HIV Vaccine Show Promise in Stimulating Rare Antibodies

A series of preclinical trials suggests that researchers could be closer to an immunization regimen for HIV than ever before.
A brown widow spider on its web against a granite block.

Brown Widow Spiders Carry Novel Chlamydia Bacteria

Invasive brown widow spiders across three continents were found to be highly infected with a single strain of Rhabdochlamydia, a relative of chlamydia.
A close up of someone being tattooed.

Tattoo Inks Found Contaminated with Harmful Bacteria

Researchers have detected anaerobic and aerobic bacteria in commercial tattoo and permanent makeup inks. The findings demonstrate that the inks could be a source of human infections.