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Infrared Spectroscopy – News and Features

Woman with a cold, wrapped up in blankets pouring cough syrup into a spoon with a teddy bear sat nearby.

Flu or Cold? A New Home Gadget Could Tell You

Smart gadgets in the home might soon be able to tell you what’s wrong with you. But the technology is good news for a lot of other things too.
A gloved hand holds a small magnifying glass over white, disc-shaped pills.

Quality Control During Drug Development

This article discusses the importance of quality control during drug development and highlights techniques used to confirm the identity and purity of pharmaceutical products.
A feminine person with long hair looking down and pushing hair behind ear with left hand.

Neuroimaging Study Explores Reduced Eye Contact in Autism

Researchers have identified specific brain areas in the dorsal parietal region of the brain associated with a common feature of autism, reduced eye contact.
Credit: Solar panels underneath a cloudy sky.

Looking on the Bright Side – Advances in Solar Materials Testing and Analysis

With a global eye on beating back climate change and a stronger push to create better solutions to feed our energy needs, the solar energy market is heating up. Here, recent advancements in the testing and analysis of solar energy materials are explored.
A crowd at a stage play watch a man performing.

Actors May Suppress Their "Core" Sense of Self To Perform New Roles

Actors may suppress their core sense of self when acting, as they immerse themselves in a new role, finds a new study by UCL researchers.

Abstract illustration of a brain with dots and lines indicating points all over the brain.

Noninvasive Intracranial Pressure Monitoring Enabled by Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

A novel algorithm estimates intracranial pressure based on hemoglobin levels using near-infrared spectroscopic cardiac pulse waveforms.
Two types of rice grains scattered on a wooden surface.

Variations in the Chemical Composition of Individual Rice Grains Impact Eating Quality

Novel single-grain composition analysis technology was developed recently to help evaluate the eating quality of hybrid rice.
Talk With Your Hands? You May Think With Them Too content piece image

Talk With Your Hands? You May Think With Them Too

New research has shown that constraining hand movement affects how people process information, supporting the idea that objects are given meaning through interaction.
Infrared Sensor Analyzes Liquids in a Fraction of a Second content piece image

Infrared Sensor Analyzes Liquids in a Fraction of a Second

Researchers have developed a fingertip-sized infrared sensor chip that can analyze the content of liquids within a fraction of a second.
Microplastics: What Do We Know About This Emerging Contaminant? content piece image

Microplastics: What Do We Know About This Emerging Contaminant?

This article will address the emerging issue of microplastics in our food chain, how they get there, what harm they may be causing and what is being done to detect and prevent or limit them.