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Lab of the Future – Multimedia


The Race for Reproducible Data

Download this infographic to discover the principles of reproducible data, why it has proved so difficult for science to achieve and the steps researchers can take to enhance the reproducibility of their data.

Ultra-High Sensitivity Proteomics for Digital Cancer Pathology

Speaking at the Advances in Proteomics and Metabolomics online symposium 2021, Matthias Mann delivered his talk on ultra-high sensitivity proteomics for digital cancer pathology.

Results You Can Rely On: How LIMS Software Helps Laboratories Comply with ISO 17025

Speaking in July 2021 at the online symposium, Advances in Food & Beverage Analysis, Jeff Collins, Senior Engineer of Field Applications at Thermo Fisher Scientific, presented his talk on LIMS software for the food testing lab.

Thermo Scientific TriPlus RSH MicroSPE Workflow. On-line Clean-up of QuEChERS Extracts for GC-MS Analysis

The sample preparation workflow for pesticide analysis can be accelerated through automation with possible on-line or off-line injection into the chromatographic system. The video focuses on the automated clean-up step of QuEChERS extracts through the microSPE technology using the Thermo Scientific™ TriPlus™ RSH or RSH SMART autosamplers.
How To Guide

How to Future Proof Your Laboratory Informatics Environment

Download this guide to learn more about laboratory automation and the novel informatics solutions available to ensure sound and long-lasting investments.

High Throughput and High Content Screening in Organoids and 3D Models at Crown Bioscience With Michiel Fokkelman

In this episode, Lucy Lawrence and Michiel Fokkelman will discuss the concept of high content imaging of 3D-cultured organoids in combination with high throughput screening as a service for drug discovery and pre-clinical drug development.
How To Guide

Connecting Laboratories With Data-Driven Automation Software

Download this guide to learn more about automated software and the latest solutions available.

Product Launch of Revolutionary Lab Spray Dryer

The Mini Spray Dryer S-300, based on 40 years of experience as a global market leader in laboratory spray drying, offers unique product design and unprecedented automation capabilities and smart features for a superior user experience.

Elevate Laboratory Efficiency Through Automated Sample Handling Workflows

Increasing automation in your daily sample handling workflows enables more unattended operations. It means enhanced productivity, higher accuracy and precision, greener solution for reducing sample volume and solvent waste, including less human hazardous exposure.

Why Cross-Industry Collaboration Can Increase Opportunities to Create the Life Science Industry Lab of the Future

Speaking at The Laboratory of the Future, Anca Ciobanu, Theme-Lead Consultant at Pistoia Alliance presented her talk on how Pistoia Alliance helps identify the common bottlenecks in digitalization paths and devise common solutions to these common problems.