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Light Microscopy – News and Features

Transmission electron microscopy image of the nanorobots.

Nanorobots Reduced Bladder Tumors by 90%

The research, which was conducted on mice, demonstrates how these tiny nanomachines are propelled by urea present in urine and precisely target the tumour, attacking it with a radioisotope carried on their surface.
Cells dividing.

How Stem Cell Embryo Models Won Method of the Year

A collection of ingenious biological tools for studying the genesis of life has been awarded Nature Methods’ coveted Method of the Year award for 2023
The brain implant.

Transparent Brain Implant Captures Deep Neural Activity From the Surface

When placed on the surface of the brain, this thin, flexible implant enables researchers to capture high-resolution information about neural activity deep inside the brain without damaging its delicate tissue.
Two images, one showing how the infrared spectroscopy technique works, the other showing a protein structure.

Single Protein Observed Using Infrared Near-Field Optical Microscopy

Infrared near-field optical microscopy has been used to observe the "molecular fingerprint" of single proteins.
Illustration of gloved hands using scissors and tweezers to alter a DNA double helix.

Genetic Modification Techniques and Applications

Manipulating genetics has helped mankind in numerous ways. In this article, we consider genetic modification strategies, including genome editing and genetic engineering, the techniques used to achieve them and purposes to which they are applied.
Super resolution microscopy reveals two roundworm collagens labeled in red and green.

Advanced Microscopy Technique Investigates How Skin Layers Are Bound Together

Species throughout the animal kingdom feature vital interfaces between the outermost layers of their bodies and the environment. Intricate microscopic structures are known to assemble in matrix patterns.
The outline of a brain in bright purple on a black background.

Ultrasound Techniques Steers Tiny Drug Delivery Vehicles Through the Brain

For the first time, researchers have shown how microvesicles can be steered through the blood vessels of the brain using ultrasound.
Cancer cells with a blood suppy

Exploring Spatial Biology With Dr. Nigel Jamieson

Technology Networks invited Dr. Nigel Jamieson, clinical senior lecturer and honorary hepato-pancreato-biliary surgeon at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, to an Ask Me Anything session to answer your questions about spatial biology.
Tau clusters identified in a live neuron under a microscope.

Tau Proteins Visualized While Neurons Are “Talking”

For the first time, University of Queensland (UQ) researchers have shown how the tau protein, known for its role in dementias, behaves where communication in the brain takes place.
Spider web on a black background.

Unraveling the Secrets of Spider Silk

Spider silk is a remarkable material, offering high tensile strength and natural elasticity. In this article, learn how a group of scientists are currently exploring its untapped potential in medical and materials science.