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Light Microscopy – News and Features

A close up of a microscope.

Automated Microscope System Detects Malaria Almost As Well As Experts

Traditional diagnosis of malaria takes expertise and the workload is high. An international team of researchers investigated if diagnosis using a new system combining an automatic scanning microscope and AI is feasible in clinical settings.
A green beam of light comes from a machine and lands on a brown sample surrounded by a gold mount.

Automated Analysis Technique Developed for Microplastics

A new, automated analysis technique can identify and quantify microparticles, including microplastics.
The Raman microspectroscopy equipment.

Detecting Microplastic Particles

How high are concentrations of microplastics in the environment, in our drinking water or in foods? Researchers have developed an automated analysis method for the identification and quantification of particles.
GRP78 Cancer Cell under a microscope.

Cancer Cells Under Stress Can Spread Using an Unexpected Mechanism

Researchers discovered that when cells are under stress, a key protein can travel to the nucleus and reprogram cells to migrate and become more invasive.
A close up on an insulin needle.

Understanding Insulin Synthesis

Examining messenger RNAs involved in the production of insulin in fruit flies, they found that a chemical tag on the mRNA is crucial to translating the insulin mRNA into the protein insulin.
Protein structure.

Three Proteins Interact To Fine-Tune Cellular Movement

A single human cell teems with as many 100,000 different proteins. Actin is one of the most abundant and essential of them all. This protein forms into filaments that help make up the skeleton of cells, giving them shape.
A plastic model of a kidney held in a person's hand.

Previously Unknown “Housekeeping” Process Discovered in Kidney Cells

A new "housekeeping" process has been discovered in kidney cells, which ejects unwanted content and enables cells to rejuvenate themselves.
A close-up photo of a person's eye, looking at the camera.

Windows to the Soul: A Key Neurotransmitter Also Controls Pupil Size

New research has shown that a neurotransmitter involved in attention span, sleep–wake switching and appetite also controls pupil size.
Fluorescent shapes.

Revolutionary “Disco” Technique Maps Entire Bodies of Mice

Researchers developed a new method called wildDISCO that uses standard antibodies to map the entire body of an animal using fluorescent markers. This revolutionary technique provides detailed 3D maps of structures, shedding new light on complex biological systems and diseases.
An image taken of brain tissue.

Novel Imaging Technology Provides a 'Live' View Into the Brain’s Complexity

The new imaging and virtual reconstruction technology developed at ISTA is a big leap in imaging brain activity and is aptly named LIONESS – Live Information Optimized Nanoscopy Enabling Saturated Segmentation.