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Mass Spectrometry – Webinars and Online Events

Blue Antibody

A Disruptive Approach to Characterization of mAb Charge Variants

Biopharmaceutical product development is all about product knowledge, whether it be writing a regulatory submission, investigating unexpected results, or performing extended characterization.

SCIEX webinar on July 2nd with speaker Dr. Valentina Calabrese

Enhancing MS-Based Omics Analysis in a Model Organism

Mass spectrometry (MS)-based omics technologies have revolutionized our understanding of molecular changes in organisms and are crucial for studying metabolism and related diseases through lipidomics and metabolomics. Despite significant advances, there is still a need for robust analytical methodologies in data acquisition, data processing and annotation.
This webinar will demonstrate how LC-Zeno SWATH DIA outperforms conventional DDA in annotating metabolites and lipids in the model organism Gammarus fossarum. Additionally, the presentation will showcase the effectiveness of electron activated dissociation (EAD) in characterizing lipid species and elucidating metabolite isomers. Finally, the webinar will illustrate how EAD and high-resolution targeted approaches improve structural elucidation and molecular network construction.
Online Event

Advances in Food and Beverage Testing 2024

Explore the latest knowledge on the safety, authenticity and quality of food and beverages, as well as the technology that supports the critical work done to ensure the integrity of the food supply chain.
Agilent webinar hosted by Technology Networks with speaker Dr. Rosa Peñalver Soler

Analyzing Microplastic-Associated Pollutants in Vegetables

The presence and impacts of microplastics are being extensively researched and reviewed, especially in the marine environment. However, the accumulation and ecotoxicity of leaching compounds such as additives in plastic waste are scarcely studied.
This webinar explores how leachates from microplastics and other plastic materials accumulate within edible and non-edible root vegetables and how they are then incorporated into the food chain.
Our expert speaker will discuss the results of their research into the levels of leachates in root vegetables, illustrating how plastic-associated compounds were quantified using a novel static headspace and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (SHS-GC-MS) workflow.
proteomics Webinar featuring, Christof Lenz, PhD & Gregory Potts, PhD

Transform Biomedicine and Drug Discovery Through Innovative Proteomics

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Christof Lenz, PhD, about the importance of analyzing tissue samples in biomedical proteomics, particularly for understanding the molecular basis of cardiac diseases. Our second speaker, Greg Potts, PhD, will showcase how chemoproteomics, in combination with data-independent acquisition, speeds up drug discovery.
soma logic technology networks webinar 6th June 2023

Using Proteomics To Advance Understanding of Alzheimer’s Disease

In this webinar, we’ll explore how integrating proteomics with systems biology sheds light on the complexities of AD pathology.
Ask me anything on proteomics featuring Dr. John Yates from Scripps Research Institute

Ask Me Anything: Proteomics

Dr. Yates is a world-renowned proteomics expert whose work has revolutionized the field and his groundbreaking techniques are used by researchers worldwide. But Yates' impact goes beyond his discoveries. A decorated scientist and champion of mass spectrometry research, he also leads the prestigious Journal of Proteome Research.
A female scientist in a laboratory, conducting research with a Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) system.

Hydrogen as a Carrier Gas for GC-MS

This presentation will focus on the shift towards hydrogen as a carrier gas in Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS), motivated by helium's scarcity and high cost. It will discuss the benefits of hydrogen and address challenges like safety and the impact on analytical accuracy.

Next-Generation Plasma Lipidomics: Quantification With dia-PASEF

Human blood plasma contains thousands of distinct lipid species. These lipids can provide new insights into health and disease, with lipidomic profiling revealing new biomarkers for various conditions and being used to monitor the efficacy of treatments.

Multiplex Multiomics: The Future of Spatial Biology in Cancer Research

Join this webinar to discover how to integrate spatial biology and multiomics approaches to reveal the intricate interactions between cancer cells and their environment.