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Microbiomes – News and Features

A human brain overlaid with blue interconnecting lines.

How Immune Cells Can Prevent Cognitive Decline

A study suggests that the underproduction of mucosal-associated invariant T cells contributes to Alzheimer’s disease, and increasing these immune cells could reverse the damage.
A very small tablet in a dish.

Vaccine Tablet Prevents UTIs in Mice

A vaccine tablet has been designed that dissolves when placed under the tongue, allowing mucus-penetrating nanofibers that contain E. coli proteins to enter the body and produce an immune response, preventing UTIs.
Man holding a vape pen, exhaling visible vapor.

Vaping May Set the Stage for Tooth Decay

A new study has found that dental patients who reported using e-cigarettes, also known as vapes, have a significantly higher risk of developing cavities than those who don’t.
Human small and large intestines.

Intestinal Microorganisms Influence White Blood Cell Levels in Blood

Intestinal bacteria composition is crucial to driving the recovery of neutrophil counts in the blood of mice following treatments such as stem cell transplants or chemotherapy.
Population of stick men figures with one highlighted.
Industry Insight

How Bioinformatics Can Be Used To Develop Precision Cancer Therapies

In this opinion piece, Daniel Elgort takes a look at how bioinformatics has already shaped the cancer care landscape and how its role will continue to grow over time.
A collection of bacteria of different shapes and sizes.

Antibiotic-Resistant Microbes in the Gut Make C. difficile More Infectious

Researchers have revealed that the antibiotic-resistant pathogen Enterococcus works together with to reshape the metabolic environment in the gut and enable to thrive.
A picture of a baby.

Baby’s Delivery Method Linked to Childhood Vaccine Responses

Babies born naturally were found to have higher antibody levels, compared with those born via caesarean section after receiving their jabs that protect against bacteria that cause lung infections and meningitis.
A collection of different cheeses.

New Discoveries Could Improve Cheese Production

Researchers have identified which bacteria are responsible for the flavors of cheeses, providing a basis for improving the safety of cheese production and potentially the creation of new cheeses.
An artistic recreation of the human large and small intestine on a black background.

Gut Microbiome Plays a Key Role in Shaping Our Metabolome

According to research, the gut microbiome is largely responsible for the variation in circulating blood metabolites across people.
Rod-shaped gut bacteria.

Susceptibility to HIV Infection May Be Impacted by Gut Bacteria

New research suggests certain gut bacteria – including one that is essential for a healthy gut microbiome – differ between people who go on to acquire HIV infection compared to those who have not become infected.