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Multiomics – Multimedia


Teach Me in 10 – Why Synthetic Biology Will Eat Your Fields With Dr Jake Wintermute

In this installment of Teach Me in 10, Dr Wintermute provides a Synthetic Biology 101, teaching you everything that you need to know about this interesting area of science, in less than 10 minutes.

Advanced Tissue Analysis With SpatialOMx®: A Guide for Writing Successful Proposals

Download this eBook to learn more about the benefits of using label-free imaging with 4D-Omics.

Teach Me in 10 – Understanding COVID-19 Through "Omics" With Dr Clare Paterson

In a COVID-19 special of Teach Me in 10, we're joined by Dr Clare Paterson, senior clinical R&D scientist at SomaLogic, who is currently working on using "omics" approaches to understand the biology of SARS-CoV-2.

Clinical Omics – Genomics to Metabolomics and Onwards to the Multi-Omics Frontier

Download this list to discover more about the latest research in clinical Omics, including how these fields are revolutionizing diagnostics, disease prediction and treatment strategies.

Combining Imaging and OMICs: MALDI Guided SpatialOMx® Probes Proteomic Mass Profiles of Breast Cancer Tumor Subpopulations

Download this poster to discover how the SpatialOMx workflow using timsTOF fleX provides detailed in situ characterization of bioactivity across different tumor cell subpopulations.

Cheese as a Model Microbial Ecosystem - Rachel Dutton (Harvard)

Most microbes in nature exist within a microbial community. However, little is known about how different microbial species interact with each other and their environment to form these communities. Rachel Dutton uses cheese as a model system for studying microbial ecosystems.

Metabolomics: Applications and Technologies

Part of the "systems biology“ trend, metabolomics research, referring to the study of the entire metabolite profile of an organism, has gained significant momentum in recent years. This list looks at the most commonly used methods in metabolomics research, the advantages and drawbacks of particular methods and the application of metabolomics research in areas such as toxicology, the cosmetic industry and nutrigenomics.

The New Era of Multiomics

This infographic explores how multiomics approaches work, gives examples of multiomics in action, and shows how using multiomics can benefit your research.

4 Challenges in Proteome Analysis

Proteomics is a rapidly expanding field, aided by improvements in instrumentation accuracy and sensitivity, size and affordability. Whilst it is a valuable tool in the quest for improved understanding, diagnosis and treatment, a number of areas are proving problematic. In this list, we will discuss some of the challenges that researchers come up against in proteome analysis.

6 Milestones in Metabolomics: Driving our understanding of the metabolome

Ever more sophisticated tools are being developed to study metabolites and increase our understanding of the metabolome. But what were the developments and discoveries that enabled this field to develop?