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Neurodegeneration – News and Features

A row of tampons on a blue background.

Tampons Found to Contain Toxic Metals in World First Study

A new study has detected toxic metals in tampons from 14 different brands. Published in Environment International, this research is the first to measure metal concentrations in tampons.
A neon outline of mitochrondria.

Negative Mental and Physical Health Among Caregivers Linked to Stress-Related Cell Damage

It’s no secret that the caregivers of spouses with memory impairment face enormous amounts of stress. Researchers have found that this intense pressure can be felt at the cellular level and is linked to negative physical and mental health effects.
A patient with an IV line.

Hormone Therapy for Breast Cancer Linked With Lower Dementia Risk

One of the largest studies of its kind has found that hormone-modulating therapy for breast cancer treatment can reduce Alzheimer's risk.
A man sleeps in a bed with striped ben linen.

Small Regions of the Brain Take “Micro-Naps” While the Rest Is Awake

Regions of the brain can momentarily “flicker” awake while the rest of the brain remains asleep, and vice versa while awake, reveals a new study.
The back of a woman in sportswear experiencing muscle pain holding her neck

Brain Inflammation Study Reveals Pathways To Combat Muscle Fatigue in Long COVID and Alzheimer's

Researchers have found that brain inflammation results in the release of a protein that travels to the muscles resulting in fatigue. Targeting this protein could offer new hope for treating muscle pain associated with long COVID and Alzheimer's.
A macrophage.

Immune Cell Inflammation Responsible for Severe Symptoms in Rare Neurodegenerative Disease

Researchers at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) have found that inflammation in an immune cell may be responsible in part for some severe symptoms in a group of rare genetic conditions called lysosomal storage diseases (LSDs).
An outline of a brain superimposed on a person's head. A sphere of network connections surrounds.

Researchers Discover New Neural Biomarker for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

A specific neural activity pattern has been identified as a new biomarker to predict and monitor OCD.
Straws being cut into smaller and smaller pieces.

Nanoplastics and “Forever Chemicals” Disrupt Molecular Structures, Functionality

A new study has made significant inroads into understanding how nanoplastics and PFAS disrupt the structure and function of biomolecules.
An old woman with grey hair reads a letter with a magnifying glass.

Can We Predict the Speed of Cognitive Decline in Early Alzheimer’s?

A new study has investigated how quickly people with early Alzheimer's disease will experience cognitive decline.
Brain with computer chip inside
Industry Insight

2024 Is the Year for Brain-Computer Interfaces

In this article, JoJo Platt and Ruthi Aladjem from Corundum Neuroscience discuss why 2024 is the year for brain-computer interfaces.