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Next-Generation Sequencing – News and Features

An anatomical model of the human lungs.

Most Comprehensive Single-Cell Map of the Human Lung Released

The largest and most comprehensive cell map of the human lung has been announced, revealing the great diversity of cell types in the lung and key differences between health and disease.
An assortment of doughnuts.

DNA Discovery Could Lead to Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

A study of the DNA of more than 55,000 people worldwide has shed light on how we maintain healthy blood sugar levels after we have eaten, with implications for our understanding of how the process goes wrong in type 2 diabetes.
The method for transcriptomic analysis.

Exploring a Basophil's Life Story

Researchers find that pre-basophil and mast cell progenitors differentiate into pre-basophils before producing mature basophils in mice.
A mosquito on skin.

Malaria Parasites Sync Their Molecular Rhythms With Those of Their Host

Research could pave the way to new anti-malarials that work by “jet-lagging” the parasites that cause the disease.
Spherical bacterial particles connected together in long chains.

Antibiotic Resistance Identified in Places Where It Was Previously Unseen

Antibiotic resistance genes are more widespread in our environment than previously thought, with new research indicating bacteria in almost all environments carry resistance genes.
Blue strand of DNA.

Genetic Makeup of New Strains of West Nile Virus Identified

Genome sequencing of new strains of West Nile virus has indicated there are a variety of strains circulating, and may help scientists predict where different strains may appear.
A tree in a field.

Older Trees Contribute to Genetic Diversity More Than Short-Lived Trees

A study demonstrated that long-lived tropical trees accumulate more somatic mutations, providing insights into potential mechanisms underlying genetic variation.
Overhead shot of a hand with three types of pigmented rice in the palm.

Pigmented Rice Enhancements Could Help To Combat Malnutrition

Scientists have shown that desirable agronomic traits of shorter stem length and early maturity can be introduced into black rice, which is known to be more nutritious than white rice.
Baby girl laying on a carpet smiling.

DNA Sequencing in Newborns Reveals Years of Actionable Findings for Infants and Families

Researchers who lead the world’s first comprehensive sequencing program for newborn infants have published the next chapter in the ongoing study of the BabySeq Project, with new findings on infants and families who have been followed for 3-5 years.
How deleterious mosaic tRNA regions and linked to bipolar disorder.

Pathogenic Mosaic Mutations Linked to Bipolar Disorder Discovered

Researchers find a link between bipolar disease and potentially pathogenic mosaic mutations found in neurodevelopmental disorder genes and mitochondrial tRNA genes.