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Next-Generation Sequencing – News and Features

Close up of a microscope.

First Confirmed Case of a New Strain of Swine Flu in the UK

Influenza A(H1N2)v is similar to flu viruses currently circulating in pigs in the UK. This is the first detection of this strain of flu in a human in the UK. UKHSA is working closely with partners to determine the characteristics of the pathogen.
3D model of a human brain with coloured lines emitting from the sides.

Brain Cell Identity Altered by Autism-Linked Gene

A gene previously linked to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by UT Southwestern researchers appears to play an important role in steering cells in the brain’s hippocampus toward their ultimate identities, the same team reported in a new study.
Double helix structure of DNA.

New Method for Prenatal Genetic Testing Developed

Researchers developed a non-invasive genetic test that can screen the blood of pregnant individuals to survey all genes from the fetal genome. The blood test approach is potentially scalable.
A strand of DNA that looks like it's falling apart.

200 New Kinds of CRISPR Systems Discovered

By analyzing bacterial data, researchers have discovered thousands of rare new CRISPR systems that have a range of functions and could enable gene editing, diagnostics and more.
Cancer cells with a blood suppy

Exploring Spatial Biology With Dr. Nigel Jamieson

Technology Networks invited Dr. Nigel Jamieson, clinical senior lecturer and honorary hepato-pancreato-biliary surgeon at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, to an Ask Me Anything session to answer your questions about spatial biology.
Two vials containing blood.

Cancer Blood Tests Can Jumpstart Diagnoses and Targeted Therapy

Blood tests for circulating tumor DNA could be used to detect cancer 18 months prior to clinical diagnosis by CT scan, jumpstarting diagnosis and enabling patients to start targeted therapy quickly.
Double helix structure of DNA.

Machine Learning Approach Predicts How Genes React to Environmental Conditions

Signals from the environment set off a cascade of changes that affect different genes in different ways. Researchers have developed a machine learning approach called FUN-PROSE to predict how genes react to different environmental conditions.
Glowing traps under a microscope.

Carnivorous Fungi Trap and Digest Worms

A new analysis sheds light on the molecular processes involved when a carnivorous species of fungus known as Arthrobotrys oligospora senses, traps and consumes a worm.
An albino bison against a snowy background.

Scientists Identify Gene Mutation Behind Bison Albinism

Researchers have developed the most comprehensive genome coverage of North American bison, revealing the gene responsible for albinism in bison.
Three in-focus cells with many more out of focus behind them.

New Method Helps With Analysis of Single-Cell Data

A statistical model that removes background noise from single-cell transcriptomic data has been developed.