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Pharmacovigilance – News and Features

T cells attached to a cancer cell.

Cytokine-Labeled T Cells Boost Cancer Immunotherapies

Researchers have developed a nanotechnology-driven solution to locally enhance T-cell functions without producing unwanted systemic side effects.
A syringe and vial of COVID-19 vaccine lie on a blue surface.

Low Concern and Political Distrust Contribute to Vaccine Hesitance

A study suggests that an unwillingness to accept a COVID-19 vaccine can be due to both a lack of concern for the consequences of contracting the virus and a lack of faith in the government’s actions.
Representation of human cells.

Optimized Device for Growing Mini-Organs in a Dish Developed

Engineers create a device that enables intestinal organoids to develop to unprecedented levels of maturity.
A web of neurons.

Key Alzheimer's Disease Concept Challenged by New Study

A new study has challenged the idea that higher amounts of amyloid in the brain is an underlying cause of Alzheimer's disease, instead indicating fibrillary amyloid may be a better indicator of brain health.
A picture of fungi.

Coaxing Fungi Into Revealing Their Best-Kept Secrets

Using an approach that simultaneously modifies multiple sites in fungal genomes, scientists coax fungi into revealing their best-kept secrets, ramping up the pace of new drug discovery.

Illustrations showing the chemical process by which magnesium oxide forms on polystyrene nanoplastics.

Light Induces Nanoplastics To Produce Interfering Chemicals

Polystyrene-derived nanoplastics have been found to facilitate the formation of manganese oxide, which can affect the fate and transport of organic contaminants in natural and engineering water systems.
Two hands, one holding a blister pack and the other holding two while tablets.

Blood Pressure Drug Holds Promise for PTSD Treatment, Suggests Study in Mice

New evidence suggests that a 50-year-old blood pressure drug could find a new purpose as a treatment to mitigate the often life-altering effects of PTSD.
DNA strands.

Drug Sensitivity Study Provides Blueprint for Childhood Leukemia Precision Medicine

A comprehensive study detailing variations in drug responses across different subtypes of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia could provide a blueprint to further individualize therapy.
A mosquito on human skin.

Three-Dose Malaria Vaccine Shows Safety and Efficacy

A three-dose malaria vaccine has demonstrated safety and efficacy when tested in adults in West Africa.
A hand holding pills and capsules of various shapes, sizes and colors.

Could a Promising New Drug Delivery Method Replace Injections With Pills?

Researchers have explored a new way of administering medications that do not require injections, and instead could be as easy as swallowing a pill.