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Pharmacovigilance – Products

Product News

Therapeutic Potential of CD20 X CD3 Bispecific Antibodies

As of March 2024, the FDA has approved three CD20 × CD3 BsAbs: mosunetuzumab (Lunsumio) for relapsed or refractory follicular lymphoma (R/R FL), glofitamab (Columvi) for relapsed or refractory diffuse B cell lymphoma
resDetect™ Manufacturing Process Residue Detection Solutions

Emphasizing Bio-Pharmaceutical CMC Residue Quality Control

resDetect™ is a series of reagent kits designed to follow international legal and regulatory requirements and guidelines for the detection of residual components in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process.
Antibodies attacking viruses.
Product News

ProBioGen Partners With MAPP BIOPHARMACEUTICAL, INC. for Groundbreaking Development of Afucosylated Antibody Against Marburg Virus Disease

ProBioGen, is pleased to announce the execution of services and license agreements with MAPP BIOPHARMACEUTICAL, INC. to develop a cell line for an afucosylated antibody targeting Marburg virus (MARV) infection.
Safer Pharmaceuticals With Organ-on-Chip Models

Organ-on-Chips Revolutionize Drug Safety Testing

This whitepaper explores the latest advancements in OOC platforms that can help to efficiently simulate drug toxicity responses.
An organoid.
Product News

Products and Services for Diversifying Preclinical Models

AMSBIO has expanded its range of products and services dedicated to assisting scientists diversify their preclinical models effectively to help bridge the gender discrepancy gap in many areas of research.
A scientist pipetting into a plate.
Product News

SolasCure Publishes Phase IIa Clinical Trial Report in Leading Wound Care Journal

Study demonstrates proof-of-concept and strong safety profile of Aurase Wound Gel in patients suffering from chronic wounds.
Someone holding a test tube next to a model of DNA.
Product News

N4 Pharma’s Novel Delivery Systems, Nuvec® and LipTide®, Advance Towards Commercialisation

N4 Pharma PLC (AIM: N4P), recently acquired a controlling interest in Nanogenics Limited.
App Note / Case Study

Streamlined Detection and Characterization of Mitochondrial Toxicants

This app note highlights an assay that enables streamlined, sensitive detection and characterization of mitochondrial toxicants.
Various tablets.
Product News

Pistoia Alliance launches freely available IDMP Ontology 1.0, covering all five standards set by ISO

Ontology will improve substance identification, cross-border prescriptions, regulatory process integration with manufacturers, supply-chain analytics, and pharmacovigilance.
App Note / Case Study

Achieve Sensitive Quantitation of GLP Analogs in Biological Matrices

Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) analogs regulate systemic homeostasis, making them effective in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. However, their low bioavailability limits their detection and quantitation in biological matrices, causing challenges in drug development.